BodyTel Scientific announces the formation of BodyTel Europe GmbH

Henderson 25 June 2007BodyTel Scientific Inc., a company focused on the development of innovative wireless health care products, has formed BodyTel Europe GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of BodyTel Scientific Inc., in Bad Wildungen, Germany. BodyTel Europe will serve as the centre for all sales and marketing related functions for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Stefan Schraps, Chief Executive Officer and President of BodyTel Scientific Inc., will be based at the new office and will serve as CEO (Geschäftsführer) of the limited liability company under German law.


BodyTel Europe has begun recruiting qualified sales and administrative personnel for the upcoming launch of GlucoTel, the first and only diabetes self-management system with integrated Bluetooth. Management believes, based on the development of the GlucoTel system, that now is an opportune time to start hiring a competent sales and marketing team.

BodyTel Scientific Inc.'s CEO, Stefan Schraps, commented: "We are making tremendous strides in the development of our GlucoTel product and we are confident to be on schedule for product launch in Fall 2007. With the launch of our product nearing, and as worldwide partnerships are executed, it is extremely important that our European presence be firmly established."

The GlucoTel Meter is the first and only blood glucose monitoring device in the world with integrated Bluetooth technology. The meter is part of the GlucoTel system, which is a complete telemedical diabetes self-management system supporting patients and doctors in the treatment of diabetes and its secondary complications.

The GlucoTel blood glucose meter collects blood sugar readings and sends them to the patient's mobile phone via Bluetooth. Afterwards, the data is automatically sent to a secure Internet database via SMS and is centrally held there long-term. GlucoTel enables involvement of the patients in the treatment of diabetes, thereby improves the information basis and communication between doctor and patient and thus contributes to the course of therapy.

BodyTel Scientific Inc. is a company focused on the development of innovative wireless health monitoring products.

Leslie Versweyveld

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