RSLSTEEPER adds doc@HOME as a natural extension for telehealth solutions

Bookham 10 July 2007RSLSTEEPER, a supplier of Prosthetic and Orthotic patient care services in the United Kingdom, has teamed up with health care solutions provider, Docobo, to provide clients with doc@HOME, an integrated telehealth solution for the remote management of patients with chronic diseases or long term health conditions such as chronic heart failure, diabetes and hypertension. Docobo is a British telehealth organisation that designs, develops and manufactures products supporting the management of patients in their own homes.


The Docobo HealthHUB portable home monitor allows patients to record vital signs, symptoms, lifestyle and quality of life measures around the clock from any location. This information is then securely transferred to the doc@HOME clinical database that can be accessed by clinicians using a standard secure web browser, which provides a presentation of the patient's health diary and alert indicators.

Doc@HOME is a fully versatile system that can be configured to meet the health needs of individual patients; empower patients to participate in their care delivery, support their carers and reduce the burden of care provision through particular information required by clinicians to deliver expert care on a patient by patient basis.

Commenting, Andrew Thornton, Managing Director of RSLSTEEPER, stated: "doc@HOME is in widespread usage throughout the United Kingdom and has emerged as a very effective means of helping patients to self-monitor, especially those with limited movement. A substantial number of our clients have long term conditions, and so the ability to support them in several ways is of key interest to us. doc@HOME will become a cornerstone of our strategy to grow our telehealth services."

"We chose doc@HOME because it has several benefits, not least the fact that it has been developed and widely tested successfully in the United Kingdom. It has great functionality which makes it ideal for patients with different long term conditions, not just one single disease. The price of the unit is also very attractive. As well as being low cost there are no hidden extras that you find with other telehealth solutions."

Adrian Flowerday, Managing Director of Docobo, stated: "RSLSTEEPER's strategy is a natural progression for the company which has a reputation for providing modern and effective health care solutions. RSLSTEEPER enables people to make a massive difference to their lives. By enabling them to use doc@HOME, it gives them even greater flexibility to decide how they should support themselves."

The versatility of the Doc@HOME telehealth service enhances the management and support of patients with chronic disease, short and long term monitoring needs, and for episodes of pre and post hospital care provision. Use of Doc@HOME has demonstrated substantial cost reductions, providing the potential for year on year services funded through the utilisation of freed up resource.

Originally founded in 1921, RSLSTEEPER is now the largest supplier of Prosthetic and Orthotic patient care services in the United Kingdom, providing both manufacturing and clinical services to the British Government National Health Service. In addition to these services, the company is also a manufacturer of Prosthetic and Orthotic hardware, Reciprocating Orthoses for the spinally injured, as well as Assistive Technology Systems which allow a greater level of independence for stroke patients, and those affected by conditions such as Motor Neurone Disease, Cerebral Palsy etc. Its specialist nationwide team of engineers has been providing tailor made Assistive Technology solutions for the last 25 years.

Docobo Ltd. is a British health care solutions provider, involved in the management and prevention of Long Term Conditions - LTCs, also known as chronic diseases. The company is at the forefront of the development of systems for the management of patients with Long Term Conditions in their own homes.

The company has developed a remote monitoring service for LTCs, called doc@HOME, and is developing a focused range of related services and products to expand its portfolio. This telehealth service offers care providers with an integrated low cost solution for the collection, management and analysis of essential patient related data, and permits efficient interaction between clinicians and patients at home. More Docobo news is available in the VMW March 2003 article Docobo starts trial of doc@HOME system in four European countries.

Leslie Versweyveld

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