Henry Ford Hospital installs Zonare Medical Systems' Convertible Ultrasound system

Mountain View 09 July 2007Zonare Medical Systems, a provider of premium ultrasound systems, has installed three z.one ultrasound systems at Henry Ford Hospital, one of the Midwest's leading health care providers. Based on Zonare's proprietary Zone Sonography technology, the z.one system is being used in the hospital's Interventional Radiology department for various imaging procedures such as ultrasound guided biopsies and PICC line insertion. Zonare also has been given the Frost & Sullivan Medical Imaging Product Innovation of the Year Award for its z.one ultrasound system. The Innovation of the Year Award is presented to the company that has demonstrated excellence in product innovation and performance within their industry. The award was recently announced at a ceremony in Singapore.


"Many of our procedures require ultrasound guidance and image quality is critical", stated Daniel Croteau, M.D., chief of Interventional Radiology at Henry Ford Hospital. "The z.one system provides premium image quality while offering many automatic optimization features that help support a busy clinical environment. This allows us to provide excellent patient care and expeditiously complete these procedures."

Zone Sonography technology has enabled Zonare Medical Systems to bring its unique, patented Convertible Ultrasound platform to the industry providing premium image quality and performance together with portability at an attractive price to value ratio. Clinicians are able to convert the z.one system, at the touch of a button, from a full-featured, cart-based system into a compact ultrasound system with the premium image quality and performance of larger and more expensive ultrasound units, yet with the portability of conventional hand carried systems.

"In support of patient comfort, we have formed a unique team of ultrasound professionals to take the z.one system to the patient's bedside whenever possible versus transporting the patient to the department. This makes the system's portability an essential asset", stated Claude Ressler, RT, manager of Interventional Radiology at Henry Ford. "Plus, since the z.one system is upgradeable, the economics of using this Convertible Ultrasound platform provides significant benefits to the department as well."

The z.one system's Zone Sonography software-based architecture allows its performance to continue to improve as greater processing power becomes available. System upgrades can be downloaded via the internet, allowing for fast, convenient advances in clinical capabilities, enabling clinicians to cost-effectively maintain a state-of-the-art premium ultrasound system.

"Henry Ford Hospital is well known for its outstanding patient care and state-of-the-art technology", stated Donald Southard, president and CEO of Zonare. "It is an honour to partner with this esteemed health care facility in support of its mission to ensure the best patient care possible."

Henry Ford Health System, one of the United States' leading health care systems, integrates primary and speciality care with research and education. It includes Henry Ford Hospital and four owned hospitals; Health Alliance Plan, a 576.000 member health plan; the 1000 physician/scientist Henry Ford Medical Group and 25 ambulatory centres; and many other health-related services located throughout southeastern Michigan.

"We are pleased to announce that our distinguished panel of judges, comprised of some of the region's most influential decision makers and industry leaders, has selected Zonare for the prestigious F&S innovation award", stated Ms. Reenita Das, Vice President of Asia Pacific Healthcare Practice of Frost & Sullivan. "Zone Sonography is not just an improvement of current ultrasound systems, but a breakthrough that could push ultrasound into a new technological forefront. Coupled with the z.one ultrasound platform, the industry may see changes to ultrasound as we currently know it."

"Recipients of this award are highly scrutinized and must meet or exceed a number of robust standards", stated Ms. Das. "Several companies with medical imaging activities in the region were considered. Zonare obviously stood out from the rest in our judges' minds."

Frost & Sullivan follows a rigorous measurement-based methodology to select and short list leading companies in the Asia Pacific region as finalists for each Award category. The finalists are then evaluated based on actual market performance indicators. These include revenue growth, market share, market share growth, breadth of services, demonstrated leadership and strategic initiatives.

"We are honoured to be recognized for our proprietary Zone Sonography technology by a leading global growth consulting firm", stated Donald Southard. "Zonare is committed to providing flexible, scaleable and cost-effective solutions to ultrasound imaging needs in support of excellent patient care. This award helps to substantiate this vision and encourage us in our continued efforts."

Zonare Medical Systems Inc. is a privately-held company that designs, develops, and manufactures premium performance compact ultrasound solutions, which combine its proprietary technology with an innovative physical design. Zone Sonography technology, Zonare's unique patented approach to ultrasound imaging, is focused on bringing premium image quality and performance to clinical settings, leading to advanced diagnostic capabilities, portability, cost-effective operation, maintenance and upgrades, and attractive value to clinicians.

Leslie Versweyveld

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