Delphi helps homecare agencies and patients stay connected

Troy 26 July 2007Delphi Corporation is helping patients and their health care providers stay connected with the Delphi Medical Systems Telehealth System. Delphi's Telehealth System is an intelligent monitoring system that allows health care providers to monitor patient vital signs without an office or home visit. Instead, patients can use the Delphi VitalPoint Home Monitor to quickly and easily check non-invasive blood pressure, oxygen saturation/pulse oximetry, temperature, pulse rate, weight, blood glucose, ECG, prothrombin time and thoracic fluid status.


"Delphi's Telehealth System allows for remote monitoring of a patient's vital signs", stated Dave Berge, managing director, Delphi Medical Systems. "This is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that allows caregivers and patients peace of mind that their current condition is being assessed even when a nurse or doctor has not visited their home."

Once the patient's vital sign levels are recorded, the information is automatically sent via telephone line to a safe and secure Delphi server. The patient's authorized professional care providers can then monitor the information on a computer in their office or on a PDA or cell phone if they are in the field. The system is HIPAA-compliant and completely secure.

The patient's own care providers analyse the regular patient data to catch early signs and predictors of health issues that can be quickly corrected with changes in the patient's care plan. Often early warning of vital sign changes and corrective intervention can help keep patients at home, avoiding hospital, office or urgent care visits.

"This easy-to-use, intuitive system does not require an internet connection or computer-use by the patient or a dedicated server by the health care provider", Dave Berge stated. "It is a cost-effective way for agencies to monitor patient status and for patients to communicate with caregivers without an office or home visit."

At the centre of the system is the Delphi VitalPoint Home Monitor and peripherals including thermometer, blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, glucometer, ECG/EKG and weight scale. This lightweight monitor features a large touch-screen that displays detailed reminders of scheduled vital signs activities and/or medication dosage schedules. A clear-voice audio prompt accompanies the reminder. VitalPoint can also display any messages from caregivers or allow patients to report any non-emergency symptom to caregivers.

For example, patients with Congestive Heart Failure could have a monitor in their home that would remind them to take certain vital sign measurements specific to the management of their condition at certain times of the day. It can also be utilized by the patient's care providers to automatically remind the patient to take specific medications, exercise or perform any other task that may be important to managing their disease.

"VitalPoint is an easy-to-use tool that helps support patient care while increasing an agency's efficiency", Dave Berge stated. "Agencies using the system have the potential to reduce nursing costs as fewer non-essential home visits are required and perhaps - most importantly - help keep that patient in the home rather than in the hospital. But patient care remains top-notch since caregivers can remotely monitor vital signs and symptoms from anywhere at any time of the day."

Delphi Medical Systems Telehealth and VitalPoint are currently available. Delphi Medical Systems is a world-class provider of technology, products, and product development and manufacturing for Infusion, Respiratory Care, Vital Signs Monitoring and Power Mobility. Its capabilities stem from Delphi's vast technology base, product development expertise and manufacturing excellence. Delphi Medical Systems Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Delphi Automotive Systems LLC and is part of Delphi Product and Service Solutions. More company news is available in the VMW September 2005 article Delphi Medical Systems offers cost-effective electronic medical record software.

Leslie Versweyveld

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