Varaha Systems announces successful deployment of its uMobility products to QMS Healthcare

Dallas 08 August 2007Varaha Systems has successfully deployed its uMobility mobile enterprise software to QMS Healthcare (QMSH), a global expert of advanced health care support and services to the United Kingdom private health sector. QMS is using the comprehensive set of uMobility products that include uMobility Mobile Multimedia, GlobalTalk and VPN, which allows users to extend critical hospital information and communication to mobile health workers via smartphone devices. As a result, health care workers are now able to move freely and communicate securely inside hospitals, clinics and beyond while improving overall health care services.


"Varaha Systems has provided us with a unique solution that can easily be deployed for use by health care professionals who are inherently mobile", according to Suresh Sivagnanam, CEO of Woodlands Hospital, a QMSH provider. "Based on the initial hospital deployment, we have seen substantial benefits for the staff, while significantly reducing the cost of our operations. With the uMobility solution, we now are more responsive to our patients and our employee satisfaction has also increased."

The Woodlands Hospital deployment includes GlobalTalk, which provides continuous call support for business features between Wi-Fi and Cellular. As part of GlobalTalk it uses Varaha's intuitive uMobility Deskphone interface that provides superior Service Quality Aware (SQA) handoff for seamless Wi-Fi to Cellular and Cellular to Wi-Fi handoffs, automatic network availability intelligence, connection management and power management. In addition, uMobility VPN provides enterprise-grade security for all communications in compliance with information security requirements in the United Kingdom. Consulting doctors who carry laptop and tablets can extend their secure information access capabilities to critical medical information, such as patient records. The full uMobility solution is deployed in a client-server configuration under the control of QMS Healthcare.

"Varaha Systems understands health care professional's needs are all about simplicity and usability", explained Prasad Govindarajan, Varaha Systems' CTO. "Our uMobility solution expands the definition of Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) to a comprehensive and secure voice and data solution providing access to deskset services with increased mobility, accessibility and usability. This starts from the auto-start or auto-connect features and culminates by eliminating the need to reinitiate IVR sessions due to call drops. In essence, we are offering a mobile desk with global reach."

Because the uMobility products are designed with flexibility and scalability, it can be implemented in a number of applications across various industries as well as for the mobile workforce in businesses and enterprises worldwide.

Varaha Systems' product set includes uMobility Mobile Multimedia, uMobility DeskPhone, uMobility GlobalTalk and uMobility VPN. The uMobility Multimedia product extends enterprise IP data, voice and video applications over local and cellular data networks eliminating the need to introduce new protocols. uMobility DeskPhone is a dual mode client for PDAs and smartphones providing a single phone interface for VoIP and cellular calls with integrated features such as contacts and call logs. uMobility GlobalTalk products provide continuous call support with roaming and low-latency handoff for voice over WLAN and cellular networks. To round out the product line, uMobility VPN provides enterprise-grade secure mobile communications for PDAs and smartphones.

QMS Healthcare is a provider of practice solutions including outsourced accounting, administrative services, IT, and telecommunications to the United Kingdom private health sector. QMS has developed services with several provisions, which help practitioners add value to its practice, including full service hospitals, clinics, legal, administrative, medical secretarial, IT, telecommunication and marketing support. These services are designed to support and enhance each practice's in-house capabilities. The ultimate aim of QMS is to help customers reduce cost, use their time more profitably and to allow medical practitioners to be more patient-centric.

Varaha Systems is leading the mobile convergence industry through development of technology that expands, streamlines and secures mobile business communications. The mobile desk with global reach is now achieved with the company's cost-effective, comprehensive and scalable software products that give workers the freedom to extend their office, voice, data and video applications to their mobile device and freedom to choose the type of device, wireless carrier, type of network or business communication system. Varaha's uMobility products offer Service Quality Aware (SQA), seamless handoff, superior voice quality and enterprise-grade security along with a rich, universal set of mobile capabilities. Varaha is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Leslie Versweyveld

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