Sagem Orga the first in the German electronic health card market to receive Common Criteria (CC) certification for its eHealth platform MICARDO

Paderborn 03 September 2007Sagem Orga is once more the first company to receive a vital certification for the new telematics infrastructure of the German electronic health card. The BSI, the German Office for Security in Information Technology, has now given the smart card expert official certification of the fact that Version 3 of its operating system MICARDO fulfills all security criteria.


The MICARDO operating system is a powerful platform and the basis for the development of the various versions of the health cards. It supports the new patient card (eGK) as well as the HBA and SMC cards for physicians and pharmacists.

Sagem Orga had previously received official certification from gematik for all card versions to be used in the future telematics infrastructure - eGK, HBA and the security module SMC. The Common Criteria certification by the BSI now certifies that the operating system architecture of MICARDO at the basis of the infrastructure also meets the most stringent security demands.

This makes Sagem Orga the only manufacturer now certified for all cards needed for the telematics infrastructure in the health care sector and whose operating system platform has the Common Criteria security certificate.

"The certification of the MICARDO eHealth platform by the BSI underscores once more the leading role played by Sagem Orga in the security of the infrastructure for the German electronic health card", stated Silvio Stockmann, Vice President and Head of the Business Unit Health, ID, and Payment at Sagem Orga. "We have now met a strategic goal that is very important for us, since technology leadership and the availability of smart card software in this field enables us to support customers ideally and with solid experience as they migrate to the new card generation. With leading-edge eHealth cards, terminals and security modules in France and Germany, Sagem Orga is perfectly positioned for eHealth projects in the European Union, especially in terms of interoperability and security."

In the past, the company had already set milestones in the eHealth project Vitale 2. The French health card, which is currently being rolled out, was developed by Sagem Orga. This highly secure card is based on the MorphoCitiz platform and includes all the identification, authentication and digital signature functions (IAS) defined in the European Citizen Card Standard (CENTC224WG15). The Vitale 2 card is both a health card and an e-Administration card. Like MICARDO, Vitale 2 also has the EAL4+ security certificate for the digital signature protection profile.

More news from Sagem Orga can be found in the VMW August 2007 article Sagem Orga and Gemalto awarded eHealth contracts by Techniker Krankenkasse and Allgemeine Orstkrankenkasse.

Leslie Versweyveld

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