Five United States hospitals and DTE Consulting select Optio's comprehensive EHR, forms automation and document management solutions

Alpharetta 25 September 2007During the 3-months ended July 31, 2007 Optio Healthcare has signed contracts with five health care systems throughout the United States to deliver a complete suite of subscription-based software solutions dedicated to improving hospital operations throughout the continuum of patient care, while eliminating the high cost of pre-printed forms and redundant manual processes. The company has also agreed to partner with Kentucky-based DTE Consulting to implement Optio's form management and document automation solutions at hospitals and health care facilities throughout the United States.


Optio's electronic health record (EHR), forms automation and document management solutions provide clinicians and health care information management with on-line access to up-to-date patient records, as well as leading-edge forms automation technology that reduces the costs of paper-driven process and increases patient safety. Each of the five health care systems listed below, ranging in size from 25 to 179 beds, has agreed to purchase Optio Healthcare's complete set of EHR, forms automation and document management solutions, including Optio Deficiency Management, which accelerates chart completion processes.

The five hospitals include:

  • Natchez Regional Medical Center - Natchez, Mississippi
  • Russell County Hospital - Russell Springs, Kentucky
  • Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District - Brawley, California
  • St. Marks Medical Center - La Grange, Texas
  • Community Hospital - Grand Junction, Colorado

"The ability for our physicians, Health Information Management (HIM) and ancillary staff to gain simultaneous access to up-to-date patient data is the most important aspect of our decision to go with Optio", stated Melissa Findley, Director of HIM, Natchez Regional Medical Center (NRMC). "When it comes to managing medical records, we have several manual, paper-based processes that Optio's solutions will automate", she stated. "Optio's multi-level EHR and forms automation solutions will help our facility to become much more efficient, while reducing costs in several areas."

The contract with Optio includes various subscription-based software modules in addition to Optio's EHR and forms automation solutions. NRMC will also be implementing Optio's document design and distribution, patient-signature capture and OptioFax solutions. NRMC's Director of HIM expects that Optio's technology will significantly reduce the cost of paper and printing throughout the facility. She also expects to see a reduction in days' not final billed (DNFB) as a result of Optio's Deficiency Management solution, which helps clinicians efficiently manage and sign off on patient charts with automated work flow and chart completion tools. "Optio's pro-active admission and chart completion technology should positively impact NRMC's revenue cycle within a few months", stated Melissa Findley.

"We're delighted to be chosen by Natchez Regional to provide a complete set of EHR and forms automation solutions", stated Mike McGuire, Optio's senior vice president and general manager of health care sales and service. "This partnership underscores Optio's commitment to providing small hospitals with state-of-the-art technology that not only improves document-intensive processes, but ensures that safety and legal compliance requirements are met, both now and into the future."

Natchez Regional serves as a referral center for the five Mississippi counties and two Louisiana parishes it serves, known locally as the "Miss-Lou". Owned by Adams County, the 179-bed hospital is committed to serving the health care needs of its 94.007 citizens. With a continued emphasis on progressive care, Natchez Regional Medical Center has grown to keep pace with the changing needs of patients and the rapidly advancing technology of modern health care.

"The switch from paper to electronic health records is something that all hospitals are moving toward", stated Mike McGuire. "For many health care facilities throughout the United States, Optio's subscription-based suite of health care solutions is a natural decision, as it provides them with an affordable means of upgrading their technology to industry standards with minimal risk or capital outlay."

In addition to these new subscription-based contracts that cover the entire spectrum of multi-level solutions that Optio Healthcare offers, Optio also announced that Rowan Regional Medical Center of Salisbury, North Carolina and Carolinas Health Systems, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as Franklin, Tennessee-based, Iasis Healthcare LLC, have added new forms automation modules to their existing Optio solutions.

In July, Northwestern Medical Center, a new customer based in St. Albans, Vermont, purchased Optio's forms automation and document management suite, as well as Optio's Patient Signature Capture solutions.

"Our recent successes with both new and existing customers underscore Optio's ability to address the evolving needs of patient care and the rapidly advancing IT requirements of modern health care providers", stated C. Wayne Cape, Optio's President and Chief Executive Officer.

In addition, the new agreement between Optio Healthcare and DTE Consulting enables acute care facilities to receive the benefits of DTE Consulting's implementation, integration and forms design services with Optio's innovative, health care solutions. The combined offering is expected to increase efficiencies throughout hospital operations, while accelerating ROI and enhancing the transition from manual to automated forms management processes.

DTE Consulting was founded by Gary Wood, former regional senior vice president and Chief Information Officer of Lourdes Hospital in Paducah, Kentucky. While at Lourdes, Gary Wood implemented Optio MedForms and designed and integrated more than 3000 e-forms utilized by five hospitals within Catholic Healthcare Partners' Kentucky/Indiana region.

"DTE's alliance with Optio is a win-win for both parties, because it provides health care facilities with a viable and affordable means of eliminating time-consuming, manual forms processes, while ensuring that they can begin to see the results of their technology investment as soon as possible", stated Gary Wood, President, DTE Consulting.

"Optio's partnership with DTE Consulting underscores our commitment to providing hospitals with forms automation solutions that not only improve document-intensive processes, but lower costs throughout the continuum of patient care", stated Mike McGuire.

Optio Software, with 25 years of experience and more than 5500 clients, worldwide, provides software solutions dedicated to improving and automating the complete lifecycle of document-intensive processes, while extending the value of their Enterprise Resource Planning and Hospital Information Systems. More than 5500 organisations rely on Optio Software for innovative business-process improvement solutions that allow them to reduce transactional activities and focus on core responsibilities. Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, Optio Software maintains European, Middle Eastern and African (E.M.E.A.) headquarters in the United Kingdom and sales offices in the United States, France, Germany and The Netherlands.

More than 700 health care organisations use Optio's affordable, legal Electronic Health Record (EHR), forms automation, clinical document management, imaging and advanced labeling solutions to capture, format, scan, view, sign, and archive patient information. Optio's technology delivers real-time access to patient information throughout the continuum of care, while improving patient safety and ensuring compliance with industry requirements. For more news about Optio's leading-edge health care solutions, you can read the VMW August 2007 article CMH Regional Health System reduces costs by more than $52K within eight months of implementing Optio's MedForms and MedEx solutions.

Leslie Versweyveld

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