Telemedicine by ATKOSoft in 24 Cycladic Islands

Athens 19 September 2007ATKOSoft has signed a contract with the General Hospital of Syros of behalf of the Greek Ministry of Health and Wellfare for the development of the Project "Procurement, Installation and Operation of ICT infrastructure and application software for the provision of e-Health services to the citizens of Cyclades".


The project's aim is twofold:

  1. to directly support either isolated areas of Cyclades or areas where the provision of first-grade health care is not feasible - e.g. due to disasters etc. - through introducing and connecting local telemedicine units with the hospitals of Cyclades and
  2. to implement an information system for administration of hospitals' radiology medical departments together with storing, archiving and making available digital medical images from several Health Centres.

In terms of the project, telemedicine devices will be installed in 24 islands of Cyclades region in order to collect patients' medical data and biosignals and transmit them to the Coordination Centre at Syros island.

Moreover, a Medical Radiology Information System and a Picture Archieving Systems (RIS/PACS) will be installed at the General Hospital of Syros and the Health Centre of Myconos in order to support the effective storage, retrieval and sharing of medical images and findings to all responsible parties at the health care organisations.

Through the system, images from medical examinations - X-Rays, tomographys etc. - will be transmitted from all over Cyclades to the General Hospital of Syros for additional (expert) diagnosis while also allowing for linking these images to the patient's medical record. In addition to Syros and Myconos, the system can be expanded to cover the rest of the islands of Cyclades.

The Central Node for co-ordinating telemedicine units and for storing and archiving medical images from the examinations will be located at the premises of the General Hospital of Syros.

More news on ATKOSoft can be found in the VMW April 2007 article Information Society to sign contracts with alliance of companies ATKOSoft, SingularLogic, Unisystems and ORCO for implementation of two projects.

Leslie Versweyveld

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