CareSeek launches and encourages nurses across the country to participate in on-line physician reviews

Solvang 18 September 2007Serving the need for all patients to confidently find competent medical care, CareSeek Inc. has launched, a social media networking platform, focused on gathering nurse ratings and reviews of doctors. The NursesRateDoctors on-line platform where nurses can anonymously join the site and provide their insights on physicians will accumulate a vast knowledge base of information critical to helping a patient seeking a provider.


NurseRateDoctors is campaigning nurses to participate and to encourage their peers to collectively write one million reviews. In a survey of nurses conducted this year, 76,8 percent stated that they would rate providers and write reviews, and 46,4 percent indicated that they would invite their friends to do the same. The nurses agreed to their top reasons for participating in the effort, with 91,3 percent feeling that "this is important information to share for the good of the public" and 92,8 percent feeling that "this provides an opportunity to applaud some great providers".

The information supplied by the nurses will create the foundation for a robust content resource at that will stimulate the continued growth of on-line patient, nurse and doctor interaction and communication.

"There is more information available about i-Phones than there is about physicians", explained Gale Wilson-Steele, founder of CareSeek. "The patient is the most important participant in the care delivery process, and yet communication and information delivery traditionally has not been focused on the patient. At some point, we all are patients, and we cannot be good health care consumers without access to relevant information."

Gale Wilson-Steele continued: "NursesRateDoctors is critical to provide first hand information to patients from nurses who work with these medical professionals everyday. With tools to protect their identity, nurses can share their opinions and perspectives about numerous doctors - both good and bad. "Not every doctor is right for every patient, and part of finding the best health care partner is understanding more about a physician's style, office etiquette as well as clinical expertise. Nurses not only have daily interactions with the doctors, but they see them in action with many patients."

Content from the site will help to build CareSeek's collaborative clinical community, where patients, nurses and doctors can connect through opinions, commentary, forums and engagement with the health-focused social network.

Gale Wilson-Steele founded CareSeek a decade after founding MEDSEEK, now an expert in providing enterprise portal communication solutions for over 600 hospitals nationwide. What MEDSEEK is doing for hospitals, CareSeek intends to do for consumers.

Based in Solvang, California, CareSeek Inc. was established in 2006 to create an on-line resource for consumers seeking care. is a member of the CareSeek consortium of websites and provides nurses a platform for sharing their personal impressions of doctors. Through the CareSeek community, patients, families and medical professionals have the opportunity to contribute to a balanced viewpoint and open sharing of impressions providing health care consumers with the information they need to make better choices regarding their health care providers.

Leslie Versweyveld

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