Ziehm Imaging delivers unmatched image quality to United States health care market

Chicago 26 November 2007Ziehm Imaging, a provider of mobile imaging solutions for health care, is presenting two fully digital (FD) radiology products at RSNA 2007: Ziehm Vision FD and Ziehm Vision R FD. The first of their kind in the industry, the Ziehm Vision products offer superb image quality with Object Detected Dose Control (ODDC), delivering the lowest possible dose. Each design also offers lightweight manoeuvrability which makes them suitable for any imaging procedure.


Precision and accuracy are of paramount importance in any surgical scenario, but especially in high-risk fields like neurosurgery. The Ziehm Vision FD incorporates the latest advances in technology and design, offering fully-digital and distortion-free images and readily mobile units. With the introduction of digital flat-panel detectors (FPD) in mobile fluoroscopy, Ziehm Imaging's products offer better patient access and mobility together with an unmatched dynamic range for perfect soft tissue and skeleton imaging at the same time.

"With the FD technology, we are taking mobile C-arm imaging to a new level", stated Klaus Horndler, CEO, Ziehm Imaging. "The combination of fully-digital imaging with navigation systems for Computer Aided Surgery (CAS) in advanced applications, e.g. the interventional process, opens up new horizons for higher accuracy and image quality. We are proud to be putting the best imaging technologies into the hands of doctors in the United States and across the globe in the near future."

Across the Ziehm Vision family is an integrated real-time motion detection including the automatic adjustment of noise reduction level and pulse frequency which helps significant dose savings in clinical use. These results have been confirmed by a set of dedicated clinical studies in selected European hospitals, pointing to a low dosage breakthrough to the benefit of clinicians, operating room staff, and patients.

Other key features of the presented products of Ziehm Imaging include:

  • Ziehm Vision FD
    • Integrated a-Si detector 1k x 1k enables high resolution and outstanding contrast
    • Imaging chain insensitive to magnetic fields
    • More flexible patient access through larger C-arm opening
  • Ziehm Vision FD Vario 3D - not for sale in the United States
    • Volume rendering, 3D slice view and Multiplanar Reconstruction
    • Flexible intra-operative 3D imaging
    • Fully automatic isocentric scan
  • Ziehm Vision R FD - not for sale in the United States
    • Simultaneous bone and soft tissue imaging thanks to 72 dB dynamic range
    • High resolution and outstanding contrast
    • FP Detector with a Matrix 1536(i)1536 Pixel
    • High power monoblock including rotating anode
  • Ziehm Vision R Endo
    • High power monoblock including rotating anode
    • 600 W continuous fluoroscopy with Advanced Active Cooling
    • Individual configurations for orthopaedic, vascular & endoscopic applications
  • Ziehm Quantum
    • Integrated 18.1" high resolution TFT twin flat-screen monitors
    • Anatomical programs enhance image quality especially in difficult imaging situations
    • Multiple image storage options

The Germany-based company was the winner of the "Product Innovation Award 2006" from Frost & Sullivan for its break-through Vision FD flat panel detector (FPD)-based mobile C-arm system and was also recently honoured with its "2007 Technology Leadership of the Year Award".

Ziehm Imaging specializes in the development, manufacturing and worldwide marketing of mobile x-ray-based imaging solutions. The company has been market leader in Germany for more than seven years as well as in many other European countries. Today, Ziehm Imaging is a global systems provider, employing over 250 people worldwide. Extensive in-house development know-how is reflected in the Ziehm Imaging C-arms' high medical imaging performance, intelligent generator technology, significant dose savings and seamless digital network integration.

Building on competence and creativity, as well as continuous dialog and close co-operation with renowned universities, research centres and hospitals, Ziehm Imaging has developed groundbreaking technologies that have made the company a global trendsetter in intelligent interventional imaging. Ziehm Imaging products are known for their outstanding versatility and their easy handling for a wide variety of medical applications. In addition, they offer seamless integration into existing IT environments for digital image data acquisition, image evaluation and image management. More company news is available in the VMW December 2004 article Ziehm Imaging and Mercury Computer Systems accelerate 3D medical image reconstruction by a factor of 40X.

Leslie Versweyveld

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