BodyTel announces 2008 production estimates for Bluetooth blood sugar meter at Medica

Henderson 15 November 2007BodyTel Scientific Inc., a developer of wireless telemedical measuring devices, has set the initial production number of its blood glucose meter, GlucoTel, to 350.000 units for calendar year 2008. The units are expected to be available in countries requiring the CE approval during the first quarter 2008 and are expected to be on sale in countries requiring FDA certification during the second quarter of 2008. In anticipation of the market launch, BodyTel has submitted design and utility patents for the worldwide intellectual property protection of GlucoTel.


In order to meet the production demand, BodyTel has formed strategic relationships with established suppliers and manufacturers of blood glucose meters for the serial production of the units. The final assembly of the meter and most of the fabrication will take place in Germany. Test strip production has been allotted to cover 10 times the quantity of the estimated 2008 production number to offset any potential production bottle necks. The product package will consist of twelve components including the GlucoTel meter, strip box, lancing device, lancets, and control solution.

"For almost two years, we have worked with the aim to start serial production of GlucoTel and we are proud to have reached this milestone", stated Stefan Schraps, CEO of BodyTel. "The production target of 350.000 units is our clear statement to future GlucoTel customers, production partners and distributors. We have already agreed on letter contracts with distributors in several countries, as well as with health organisations in the USA. These agreed-on purchase quantities are the calculation basis for the production quantities of the 350.000 units."

The GlucoTel blood glucose meter is part of the BodyTel system, a complete telemedical diabetes self-management system supporting patients and doctors in the treatment of diabetes and its corollary illnesses. GlucoTel electronically measures the blood sugar level and then sends it via Bluetooth to the patient's mobile phone. After that, the data is automatically processed to an internet database via internet connection or SMS. The information is stored long-term.

BodyTel Scientific Inc. is a German-American telehealth company that specializes in telemedical monitoring and management systems for chronic diseases. The company combines its know-how in telecommunications, internet and medical technology/diagnostics to create new products and services for the changing needs of global health. BodyTel products are designed not only to simplify home monitoring by patients, but also to ease the communication of 'measured body values' to health care professionals or other caregivers by bridging the gap between the patient and the caregivers instantaneously and real-time. BodyTel's products - GlucoTel, PressureTel and WeightTel are each at different stages of development and approval processes. More company news can be found in the VMW November 2007 article BodyTel Scientific provides update on GlucoTel regulatory status.

Leslie Versweyveld

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