iMedicor's registrations reach more than 17.800 for its new health care portal

Austin 29 October 2007In the first fourteen days since its launch, iMedicor has already recorded more than 17.800 registrations representing physicians and other health care providers across the United States. The iMedicor portal, which went live on October 10th 2007, is the health industry's first free, HIPAA-compliant on-line personal health data exchange and secure messaging portal for physician collaboration, community and referrals.


"We are astounded by the growth and acceptance of iMedicor within the medical community", stated Fred Zolla, CEO and President of Vemics, parent company to iMedicor. "We recognized early in our development stage that the electronic transfer of medical records, files and images was lacking in modern communication between doctors and other health care workers. The acceptance of our new portal reaffirms that our decision to develop HIPAA-compliant tools was right on the mark. iMedicor is quickly becoming the Doctors' Internet."

Vemics recently announced its partnerships with the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association (HCMA), the Association of Black Cardiologists and the Pulmonary Hypertension Association. More association announcements for iMedicor are expected in the coming weeks. The portal's proprietary HIPAA-compliant technology and ability to enable health providers to exchange medical record data, x-rays, mammography, etc. are what distinguishes it from the chat-room-style portals for doctors currently in existence.

"A looming danger exists for health care providers on non-HIPAA compliant portals", stated Fred Zolla. "Physicians can inadvertently violate HIPAA rules and subject themselves to tremendous liability. With all the extra tools out there now for the health care community - choosing which on-line tools to use is more important than ever in light of patient privacy concerns, liability for doctors, for their legal counsel in advising them and health care insurers in general."

The launch of iMedicor's portal comes on the heels of some of the world's most influential companies entering the valuable personal health record (PHR) space. "Especially with Microsoft and Google entering the fray, we see multiple opportunities to partner with these important companies in the PHR area and create dynamic physician-sharing interfaces using iMedicor's proprietary HIPAA compliant system", stated Fred Zolla.

Some of iMedicor's features include:

  • HIPAA-compliant personal health information exchange, including documents & images
  • An on-line referral and consultation community
  • An expansive multi-speciality video and text based CME/CEU catalogue
  • A voice recognition driven medical documentation system
  • Medical association section for regular interaction between associations and constituents
  • Access to health care-specific blogs and forums
  • An events section that gives members and participating organisations the ability to publish up-coming events to gain exposure
  • A practice improvement section that offers courses and information on better practice management
  • Access to various educational resources as needed by physicians and other health care providers

Through iMedicor, physicians will be able to securely communicate with other doctors, sharing HIPAA-compliant patient files, records and images quickly and safely. The portal can also help doctors tap corresponding services from other professionals in the medical industry. Moreover, the portal environment allows for fundamental document creation and management tasks in a user-friendly, on-line environment. Costly transcription services and tedious handwritten documentation can actually be eliminated through iMedicor's voice recognition advanced technology. iMedicor will also be a repository for Certified Continuing Medical Education courses and non-certified and product specific educational resources made available to any registered member on a non-intrusive opt in basis.

Vemics Inc. is a provider of hosted, real-time learning and productivity solutions. Vemics LiveAccess solutions combine multipoint video/voice and data technologies with industry specific content, consulting expertise and deep customer support enabling organisations large and small to work, collaborate and learn face-to-face, on-line from almost anywhere with little or no capital investment. Vemics is based in New York with offices in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Moscow, St. Petersburg in Russia), Toronto in Canada) and Austin, Texas.

Physicians, health care professionals and patients are all permitted to access the free site at iMedicor.

Leslie Versweyveld

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