ATKOSoft signed a contract with Freelancers' Insurance Organisation (TEVE)

Athens 30 November 2007ATKOSoft signed a contract with Freelancers' Insurance Orgnanisation (TEVE) for the development of the Project "Application Software for Data Entry and Processing of examination records performed by laboratories having contracts to TEVE". Main objective is the procurement and operation of a software application for the administration of referral notices of the Organisation's insured persons, further aiming to data entry, processing and checking of expenses related to paraclinical examinations. The application is based on ATKOSoft's health and insurance information system aMedLine.


In particular the project aims to realize the following functionality:

  • For Diagnostic Centres. On-line connectivity to the central database of TEVE allowing:
    • Identification of insured person
    • Referral validity check
    • Full/partial execution of referral and recording of the performance of medical activities
    • Cost calculation for costs that correspond to TEVE
    • Ability to record diagnoses and medical findings
    • Electronic generation of cumulative data about claim clearance
    • Claim clearance management process
  • For TEVE. On-line connectivity to the central database of TEVE:
    • Claim check and clearance application
    • Insured persons records
    • Insured person card - paraclinical exams history record
    • Codifications (examinations, codes, price-list etc.)
    • Parameterisation of inspection algorithms according to TEVE policy
    • Management Information System. Reports and statistics generator
    • User monitoring application
  • Application for automated communication from diagnostic centres (public or private) to TEVE including: connectivity of diagnostic centres to TEVE in order to be informed about their claim clearance process, connectivity of TEVE inspectors with the diagnostic centres for clarifying medical activities etc.

For more information regarding ATKOSoft's activities, you can visit the ATKOSoft website or read the VMW October 2007 article Telemedicine by ATKOSoft in 24 Cycladic Islands.

Leslie Versweyveld

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