Southern Ohio Medical Center implements Radianse Reveal Asset Tracking hospital-wide

Portsmouth 12 December 2007Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC), a 222-bed acute care hospital, has implemented a Radianse real-time location platform and Radianse Reveal Asset Tracking hospital-wide. SOMC will use the application to better find and manage 1600 medical devices and equipment across four floors. Moving forward, as part of its $110 million facility expansion, the hospital expects to use additional Radianse Reveal applications to improve patient flow and overall safety from admission to discharge. SOMC is adding more than 100 rooms, a new emergency services area as well as same day surgery and other facility and service additions.


"Radianse was so mindful of the patient care environment that they set themselves apart early", stated Penny Cooper, SOMC's Administrative Director of Worksite and Patient Safety. "We put them through the paces regardless. The technology impacts virtually every department, so we took a multi-functional approach to vendor selection. In a head-to-head competition, Radianse was the choice for every department involved - with accuracy, automation and a shared commitment to safety among the deciding factors."

SOMC originally planned to start smaller, but the response was so positive, and the potential so great, it opted to go hospital-wide right away, according to Penny Cooper. The hospital chose a mix of room- and zone-level coverage. With Radianse, room-level accuracy is typically within three feet.

"Our future plans will consider use of the Radianse platform to improve safety, particularly to add patient flow as we ramp up our new emergency services", stated Penny Cooper. "We also think about staff safety. Imagine if every staff member had an active-RFID tag in the parking garage - a wonderful security application. Disaster preparedness is another opportunity."

Among the early benefits that Radianse Reveal is enabling for SOMC are:

  • Easier equipment management: Inspecting up to 700 pieces of equipment each month is an easier process now that devices can be located on-line.
  • Improved recall management: By quickly finding devices identified by regulatory agencies as potentially unsafe, staff members complete in seconds what once took one or two hours a day.
  • Better utilization of limited supply of critical devices: Responding to clinical demand for essential but limited resources, such as speciality pumps, is now faster. With limited quantities, there was a lot of "hunting and gathering" and there was a manual sign out process, which the hospital now expects to eliminate.
  • Streamlined JCAHO compliance: A monthly safety inspection of beds no longer requires a staff member to spend an hour a day searching to find empty beds and query staff members when beds will be empty. Radianse Reveal automates the process and enables the high level of compliance required by JCAHO.

"It's very clear that Southern Ohio Medical Center nurtures a culture of safety across their institution", stated Manuel Lowenhaupt, M.D., Radianse president and CEO. "They are constantly looking for new ways to improve how they function, and were quick to realize that with the Radianse real-time location platform in place, the possibilities with Radianse Reveal are virtually unlimited. Already they are achieving some significant benefits, and we look forward to growing their Radianse system and its capabilities as they expand their hospital."

Radianse Inc. is a provider of asset and patient tracking and work flow and analytics solutions designed exclusively for health care. Radianse Reveal applications and tools are optimized for the Radianse real-time location platform, which includes active-RFID tags for people and equipment and patented alerts based on clinical context. Hospitals use Radianse Reveal to see, analyse and respond to care as it happens. So providers and administrators can find and fix real-time and recurring process problems before they pose a risk to patient safety, quality care and the hospital's bottom line. More company news is available in the VMW August 2006 article Radianse set to launch new application to improve patient flow and resource management.

Leslie Versweyveld

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