Chiropractics software breathes new life into health care industry

Visalia 03 December 2007Chiropractic offices strapped with expensive, ineffective office and clinical software systems now have a promising alternative built around the latest business research into how such systems should work. REDPiNE e-Health Business Services, out of Spokane, Washington, has formed a strategic alliance with Visalia-based MJ Penner Consulting to provide Chiropractors with an easy to use system that introduces a very low learning curve and a rapid implementation capability of days instead of weeks.


"Many chiropractic offices have paid good money in the hopes of streamlining their clinical and business systems. What they get instead is a cumbersome system, or two different systems that don't work well together", stated Michael Penner, CEO of MJ Penner Consulting. "Even if only one system is purchased, it often requires a long lead time to get it installed and customized for the office, not to mention the extensive training staff has to go through in order to use the system effectively and the cost to the practice for the computer equipment to run it."

The operational disruption of introducing any new system is usually reason enough for Chiropractors to steer clear of such software, or stay in an uncomfortable marriage with what they painstakingly put in place. "Once people have gone through the trauma of just getting what they want, change is too stressful to even consider", stated Michael Penner. "But REDPiNE is very different. The approach is to make it painless to switch, or to implement in the first place. In fact, it is considered disruptive to the marketplace. This means that competitors across the industry are going to have to dramatically change their offerings in order to keep up."

Shad Wheeler, CEO and President of ProVolve Solutions Inc., the parent company of REDPiNE, knew the software would be attractive to Chiropractors, but even he was surprised by the response they received. "We actually have a client who offered to shut down his practice to come to work for us", stated Shad Wheeler. "He was so impressed with what we were able to do for him that he believed he could have a greater impact on the future of chiropractics by working for us, but we promised him that he could do just as much by just working with us as a partner and still take care of his patients."

The software boasts an eye-popping interface, with interactive 3D models of the human body and a clean look and feel that guides office workers and practitioners through well thought out work flows. The system effectively monitors the states of all events occurring within the practice and assigns them to the appropriate person based upon their associated roles. As a result, a facility's staff is able to accomplish more tasks in less time without letting any item, be it critical or mundane, slip through the cracks. All assigned tasks have associated rules that allow REDPiNE to assess the priority of an item and set escalation procedures that will notify the appropriate person if the task is not addressed in the appropriate manner.

"As the baby boomers continue to age, there are ever increasing pressures being put on the United States health care system", explained Shad Wheeler. "People want more services and care for less money. While at the same time increasing regulations, more complex insurance programmes, outdated IT systems and poor service from vendors continue to drive up costs and frustrate practitioners."

"Our system takes all of this into account regulations, insurance, scheduling, office work flow and provides extensive clinical systems capabilities. Best of all, it's delivered through a highly secure internet connection so there's actually no software to install."

MJ Penner Consulting is a web marketing firm based out of Visalia, California, that specializes in offering highly creative alternatives to traditional marketing methods. The relationship with REDPiNE represents just such an approach. This strategic alliance will help MJ Penner Consulting reach Chiropractors that are interested in creative marketing services for their own practices, while giving REDPiNE valuable exposure to California Chiropractic markets.

Leslie Versweyveld

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