HP Saudi participates in the Riyadh Military Hospital IT Technology Week in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh 20 January 2008HP Saudi Arabia participated in the Riyadh Military Hospital IT Technology Week (RMH) held during January in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. HP showcased the latest solutions and services for the health care sector during the show. The key focus was the launch of HP's Digital Hospital solutions, which deliver premium tailored IT innovations needed to develop health care services at low cost. During the RMH week, the latest IT applications and systems in the health care industry were showcased through workshops and training sessions, increasing awareness regarding the latest advances in IT and health systems.


Digital Hospital is a strategy for employing and integrating advanced technologies to upgrade the level of medical operations and procedures within the hospital. These technologies include critical media devices, intelligent information systems and instant communication tools, which help create a highly productive, secure and safe environment for patients and health care professionals.

To help hospitals move towards digital transformation and implement the Digital Hospital strategy, HP has created a "Digital Hospital Infrastructure", which includes a comprehensive portfolio of hardware, software and services that would help hospitals apply eHealth solutions that assist them in providing a high level of services at a low cost.

"The RMH IT Technology Week gives HP the opportunity to influence health care decision makers in Saudi throughout its 'Digital Hospital Infrastructure' solutions and services. HP's framework of products and services will allow health care providers develop their IT structure, thus increasing patient/customer satisfaction. Digital Hospital unites people, processes and technologies into a coherent whole", Ammar Al Dhobaie, Marketing Manager, Technology Solution Group, HP Saudi Arabia, stated.

HP Healthcare Services and Solutions Nurse Call includes small wireless phones or Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) with a special feature that allows nurses to identify which patient is calling and also be able to re-connect instantly with that patient. The calls are also automatically transferred to the rest of the staff members if the nurse is unavailable.

Through Patient Monitoring, doctors and nurses are able to receive alerts, such as cardiac status and vital signs, from patient-monitoring devices directly to their PDA.

Messages and Alerts allow the fast transfer of a patient's health condition among staff members, as it sends them ongoing alerts about any changes in the patient's conditions. It also sends alerts about tests results and delivery of medical supplies.

Patient Portal offers patients access to all the information and entertainment they need during their stay at the hospital. The Patient Portal includes a touch-screen TFT display that allows patients to access TV, radio, video, telephone, games and internet. It also enables them to control the lightening and air conditioning according to their needs. In addition, through Patient Portal, hospital staff members can access patients' applications through ID security cards.

Collaborative Care is an HP Halo videoconferencing technology that allows doctors and staff members to share ideas and take better decisions. It brings people from different locations into one place that looks, sounds and feels as if they are all around one table.

Location-Based Services use WiFi technology to help staff members monitor their equipment and devices through a map-based interface on any PC screen.

Data Acquisition allows doctors and nurses to insert patients and hospital data in a more secured and advanced way through connecting medical devices to the IP network. Moreover, Digital Forms gives the same experience of using pen and paper as it works with HP Digital Pen and Paper and on HP Tablet PCs, which saves time and effort and reduces the amount of errors made.

The Integrated Modularized Administrative Technical Information System (IMATIS) Integration Platform is an integration engine that compiles large amounts of data across the hospital and transforms it all into one system. It also distributes all the gathered information, projects and models to the right people through a web portal that can be accessed from notebooks, pocket PCs or mobile phones.

Medical Grade Network provides secure and protected remote connectivity through the HP OpenView operations management software suite that enables doctors, nurses and staff members to work from an offsite hospital or clinic or even from home.

Medical Archive Solutions ensures the transmission and storage of medical data through Grid-based applications. And it also enables doctors and staff members to access the patients' data in a fast and easy way.

The health care industry is encountering an array of challenges with the increasing number of patients in the face of rising operational costs and the availability of limited budgets. Still with these challenges, health care providers need to deliver their services with high efficiency to satisfy the patients' needs, where patients are to be viewed as customers. To achieve that, health care providers, like hospitals, are moving towards eHealth solutions to implement the idea of Digital Hospitals.

HP Middle East is the largest technology and solutions provider in the Middle East with 670 employees and subsidiaries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Cairo, Ramallah, Oman and 2 service Joint Ventures in Kuwait and Bahrain servicing the GCC, Egypt and the Levant. HP has been present in the Middle East since 1968 and opened its first regional office in 1994. HP Middle East is the market leader for enterprise, small and medium business and consumer technology products and offers a large portfolio of solutions and services in various business domains.

HP focuses on simplifying technology experiences for all of its customers - from individual consumers to the largest businesses. With a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure, HP is among the world's largest IT companies, with revenue totaling $104,3 billion for the fiscal year ended October 31, 2007. More company news is available in this VMW issue's article HP helps health care providers improve patient care and regulatory compliance with Medical Archiving Solution.

Leslie Versweyveld

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