B-Line Medical and Immersion Medical announce simulation technology partnership

Silver Spring 19 February 2008B-Line Medical LLC and Immersion Medical, a subsidiary of Immersion Corporation, have signed a strategic partnership enabling Immersion Medical to distribute an enhanced version of B-Line Medical's SimCapture product. SimCapture is an all-in-one solution for capturing, debriefing, assessing and centralizing multiple types of simulation encounters. Immersion, a manufacturer of virtual reality (VR) simulation devices, will be the first licensed third-party distributor of SimCapture, and will be actively pursuing domestic, international, and government sales opportunities.


"This is an exciting step in the evolution of the SimCapture product", stated Lucas Huang, CEO of B-Line Medical. "The partnership with Immersion Medical allows B-Line Medical to gain a firmer foothold in the area of VR simulation, in addition to our existing presence in procedural and mannequin-based simulation."

Medical training on simulation devices such as Immersion Medical's Virtual IV intravenous simulator, Endoscopy AccuTouch Simulator, CathLabVR surgical simulator, and LaparoscopyVR surgical simulation system have proven to result in improved performance, shorter response time, and less deviation from practice standards than training without simulators, ultimately improving patient safety.

B-Line Medical's SimCapture solution is designed to maximize the investment made in simulation technology by capturing and distributing all elements of the simulated encounter. SimCapture records multiple video feeds in digital format, handles annotation and debriefing, integrates with multiple simulator types - including both VR devices and mannequins, and builds participant portfolios automatically. SimCapture also manages users, provides tools for scenario and checklist creation, and generates multiple types of usage, session, and aggregate reports, all from a 100 percent web-based software interface. SimCapture is currently in use at prominent hospitals, medical schools, and nursing programmes across the United States, Canada and Europe.

Mark Meents, VP of Sales and Marketing, Immersion Medical, stated: "Immersion Medical is pleased to partner with technology leader B-Line Medical. Their commitment to improving the general usability and functionality of all simulation devices is admirable. By broadening our product portfolio with the SimCapture solution, we can provide even greater value to potential clients, whether they use virtual reality devices, mannequins or low-fidelity task trainers for their simulation training."

B-Line Medical's SimBridge and SimCapture solutions have been selected by dozens of top medical education institutions as the most advanced, comprehensive and easiest to use solution for managing simulation and Clinical Skills training centers. Through its sophisticated web-based architecture, SimBridge and SimCapture address the complex set of challenges presented by small and large simulation facilities: automated testing, assessment and video capture, simulator data integration, debriefing, and portfolio assembly.

From the affordable and portable SimCapture to the powerful and highly automated SimBridge, B-Line Medical solutions maximize resources, allowing faculty and staff to focus on student and curriculum development.

Immersion Medical Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets computer-based surgical simulation training systems worldwide. The medical and surgical simulators integrate proprietary computer software and tactile feedback robotics to create highly realistic medical simulations that help train clinicians. The company's key product lines are the Endoscopy AccuTouch Simulator, the LaparoscopyVR surgical simulation system, CathLabVR surgical simulator, and the Virtual IV intravenous simulator. More company news is available in the VMW January 2008 article Immersion Medical offers cardiac surgical simulator module for coronary valve replacement.

Leslie Versweyveld

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