Third Brigade selected by Concordant to raise bar of secure patient care

Orlando 25 February 2008The host intrusion defense system, developed by Third Brigade, a security software company specializing in host intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), has been selected by Concordant Inc., a provider of health care IT services, to help raise the bar for secure patient care and efficient physician services. The two companies have joined forces to build and manage secure, robust, and cost-effective Electronic Health Records (EHR) infrastructures for physician organisations and ambulatory practices.


The partnership accelerated following Concordant's selection by Beth Israel Deaconess Physicians Organization (BIDPO)/Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) to securely connect its diverse health care community, leveraging Third Brigade for host intrusion defense. The BIDPO/BIDMC secure health care community deployment has started with up to 300 practices in 173 locations.

"There are significant challenges to providing highly reliable, well supported, and affordable Electronic Health Record solutions to highly diverse practices", stated Dr. John Halamka, Chief Information Officer, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Chief Information Officer, Harvard Medical School. "EHR applications - like all feature-rich enterprise software - have inherent vulnerabilities that can impact quality of service and put patient data at risk. We rely on the expertise from Third Brigade to ensure the security and availability of our critical applications and protect patient confidentiality."

"Third Brigade is a critical part of our hosted solution", stated Michael Levinger, CEO, Concordant Inc. "In addition to delivering best-of-breed intrusion detection and prevention that has had no noticeable impact on our IT operations, Third Brigade's easy-to-use management console enables the fine-grained and role-based access control we require for our clientele of over 1500 ambulatory practices and physicians organisations."

Concordant is a provider of health information technology (HIT) Services, specializing in HIT Planning, HIT Infrastructure, Application Services for Ambulatory Practices, Information Management, and Managed Services.

"By acknowledging that vulnerabilities exist within EHR systems, and that effective compensating controls exist, Concordant is further ensuring the security of their clients critical applications, and ultimately the protection of private data", stated Wael Mohamed, President and CEO, Third Brigade. "Our best-of-breed solution is uniquely suited to industry leaders that recognize their responsibility in providing comprehensive, pro-active protection."

Third Brigade's advanced, software-based, host intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS/IPS) shields vulnerabilities that exist in EHR systems, as well as the operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Solaris, WMware, Linux and other Unix systems, and enterprise applications, such as web and database servers, they rely on. By shielding vulnerabilities in critical and hard to patch systems within hours of their disclosure, it allows patches to be deployed on a more efficient, scheduled basis, with minimal impact on host or IT resources. Third Brigade's security solution also delivers detailed reports that demonstrate the security status of hosts, at any point in time, for auditing and compliance requirements.

Third Brigade specializes in providing host intrusion defense systems to organisations that need to detect and prevent attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in mission critical systems. Third Brigade Deep Security allows businesses to apply comprehensive security profiles to hosts that protect against known and zero-day attacks using deep packet inspection. It helps ensure compliance and the 24-7 availability of critical systems, provides a virtual patch for software vulnerabilities, and allows organisations to deliver Internet-based services with greater security and confidence. Unlike other host intrusion detection and prevention systems, Third Brigade Deep Security provides broader, faster and simpler protection.

Concordant is an eHealth Services firm that engages with health care organisations to plan, implement, and manage their Health Information Technology (HIT) infrastructure. Its unique methodology combines an ideal balance of tools, talents, techniques, and cost management. Health care IT leaders who are responsible for creating and maintaining a dynamic HIT infrastructure have a reliable partner in Concordant. Hundreds of health care organisations rely on its advanced techniques and experienced staff to provide reliable and optimized services for the entire HIT lifecycle to ensure that they have well-designed, efficiently operated technical environments. More company news is available in the VMW February 2008 article Beth Israel Deaconess Physicians Organization / Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center selects Concordant to build and manage their Electronic Health Records infrastructure for independent physicians.

Leslie Versweyveld

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