CapMed introduces icePHR Mobile, allowing consumers to access Personal Health Records (PHRs) from cell phones

Newtown 25 February 2008CapMed, a division of Bio-Imaging Technologies Inc. and provider of interactive personal health management solutions, has launched icePHR Mobile, an in-case-of-emergency personal health record (PHR) technology that gives consumers access to important medical information through their mobile phones. CapMed has showcased icePHR Mobile and its new onlinePHR at the recent HIMSS 2008 in Orlando, Florida.


By making emergency/medical contacts, known allergies, immunization records and other key information accessible through cell phones, icePHR Mobile gives consumers an easy, convenient way to obtain information on themselves and up to 10 family members in emergency situations. icePHR Mobile is part of CapMed's suite of integrated personal health management solutions, which include onlinePHR, Personal HealthKey, and icePHR Online. All are designed to empower consumers to become active partners in their health and wellness.

"Utilizing cell phones, which a majority of Americans now carry wherever they go, is another way CapMed is working to make PHRs personal and actionable for consumers", stated Wendy Angst, CapMed's general manager. "CapMed's objective is to provide truly portable, consumer-centric PHRs designed to achieve results and engage consumers. Putting personal health records at the fingertips of consumers, especially in the event of emergencies, are one way CapMed achieves that objective."

CapMed's icePHR Mobile works with most major cell phone brands - integration with Apple's new iPhone is in development. Consumers can register for and purchase icePHR Mobile for $2,95 per year/per family as an extension to CapMed's icePHR Online or onlinePHR products costing $9,95 and $19,95 per year/per family, respectively. These products are also available on Microsoft's HealthVault, for which CapMed provides core PHR technology. By using the icePHR on-line wizard, consumers can identify important health information for themselves and up to 10 family members that they would like to make available in the event of an emergency.

After purchasing the product, consumers receive a personalized wallet access card that includes a web address unique to that individual for accessing the emergency information, as well as user-selected emergency information printed on the back of the card and the user's photo. Consumers can update their information on-line at any time and pay a small fee for additional access cards. icePHR Mobile enhances the availability of emergency information by providing first responders with immediate access to emergency medical information from a consumers cellular phone.

"We live in a highly mobile society, where people often seek medical treatment across different health care organisations in varied geographies, making it difficult for caregivers to get a complete medical history for patients", stated Peter Neupert, corporate vice president for the Health Solutions Group at Microsoft Corp. "Built on Microsoft HealthVault, CapMed's icePHR Mobile enables on-demand access to integrated health information, breaking down the barriers to quality care that persist in such a fragmented industry, and ultimately enabling life-saving decisions."

HealthVault is a free web-based platform designed to put people in control of their health data. It helps them collect, store and share health information with family members and participating health care providers, and it provides people with a choice of third-party applications and devices to help them manage things such as fitness, diet and health. HealthVault also provides a privacy- and security-enhanced foundation on which a broad ecosystem of providers - from medical providers and health and wellness device manufactures to health associations - can build innovative new health and wellness management solutions to help put people in control of their and their family's health.

"icePHR Mobile provides a practical, easy way for everyone to have critical health information available when and where it's needed", Wendy Angst stated. "icePHR Mobile gives consumers the peace of mind of knowing that their emergency medical information is available at anytime and in every possible location."

CapMed, a division of Bio-Imaging Technologies Inc., is the cornerstone of Bio-Imaging's Personal Health Management Division. CapMed is a provider of personal health management solutions for hospitals and health systems, providers, managed care, employers, and pharmaceutical companies, with more than 600.000 distributed to date. These solutions enable patients to monitor and manage their health and to improve communications with care providers, ultimately improving outcomes and reducing costs of care and are available in multiple formats: onlinePHR, icePHR, icePHR Mobile, desktopPHR, and the Personal HealthKey. CapMed offers custom development to organisations who want to add unique or proprietary capabilities to the platform.

Bio-Imaging Technologies Inc. is a health care contract service organisation providing services that support the product development process of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. The company has specialized in assisting its clients in the design and management of the medical-imaging component of clinical trials since 1990. Bio-Imaging serves its clients on a global basis through its Core Labs in Newtown, Pennsylvania, and Leiden, The Netherlands, along with business offices in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, The Netherlands, Germany and France. Through its CapMed Personal Health Management Suite, Bio-Imaging provides its Personal HealthKey technology, the Personal Health Record (PHR) software, and CapMed Patient Portal allowing patients to better monitor and manage their health care information.

Leslie Versweyveld

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