SGI to integrate eXludus software into cluster offering

Montréal 05 February 2008eXludus Technologies, a developer of multi-core system capacity management, virtualization and provisioning solutions, has signed a reseller relationship with SGI, an expert in high-performance computing. SGI will embed eXludus Grid Optimizer software in its new BioCluster solution, developed specifically for the life sciences market.


Current generation processors are rapidly evolving from single-core to multi-core products and standard server offerings may have 16, or more, processing cores. As a consequence of this evolution, new solutions are required to optimize utilization of these processing resources. The eXludus Optimizer suite has been developed specifically for this purpose.

"The SGI BioCluster, based on the SGI Altix XE platform and including eXludus Grid Optimizer software, is an ideal solution for pharmaceutical, biotech and university researchers seeking a turn-key cluster that will accelerate their genomics and proteomics work, and easily integrate into their existing infrastructure", stated Deepak Thakkar, Ph.D., BioSciences Segment Manager, SGI. "Through testing conducted on a 64 processor configuration, it was observed that Grid Optimizer provided up to 90 percent performance gains on key life sciences applications, which allows SGI to deliver a system to our customers that will enable faster time to insight and discovery", Dr. Thakkar added.

"Our Grid Optimizer solution has been designed to fully utilize the processing capacity of current generation servers, a growing industry challenge as the number of cores per system rapidly increases", stated Benoit Marchand, Founder and CEO of eXludus. "With the ongoing need to reduce energy consumption and expense, and manage limited data centre space through server consolidation, it is important to ensure that the processing power of each system, and the energy that system consumes, is optimized for maximum efficiency. By virtualizing individual processing cores and managing resource allocation within the system, Grid Optimizer greatly increases system productivity, as evidenced by the tremendous performance gains we have demonstrated on the scalable SGI Altix XE architecture running various life sciences applications", Mr. Marchand concluded.

eXludus is a developer of multi-core system capacity management, virtualization and provisioning solutions for data centre, cluster and Grid deployments. eXludus' innovative "coreware" - software products that virtualize and manage processing cores - optimizes system productivity allowing more work to be completed in less time at lower cost. eXludus solutions are designed to complement existing infrastructure and make it simple for customers to instantly benefit from productivity gains without need for application modifications, lengthy deployment cycles or long learning curves. Headquartered in Montréal, Canada, eXludus has sales offices and partnerships worldwide.

SGI is specialize in high-performance computing. SGI delivers a complete range of high-performance server, visualization and storage solutions along with industry-leading professional services and support that enable its customers to overcome the challenges of complex data-intensive work flows and accelerate breakthrough discoveries, innovation and information transformation. SGI helps customers solve significant challenges, whether it's enhancing the quality of life through drug research, designing and manufacturing safer and more efficient cars and airplanes, studying global climate change, providing technologies for homeland security and defense, or helping enterprises manage large data. With offices worldwide, the company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

More news on the collaboration between eXludus and SGI is available in the VMW January 2008 article SGI introduces the SGI BioCluster life sciences work flow solution.

Leslie Versweyveld

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