Largest medical centre in Puerto Rico deploys Force10 Networks in campuswide upgrade to integrate systems and patient records

San Jose 05 March 2008Hospital Auxilio Mutuo, Puerto Rico's largest medical centre, has deployed Force10 Networks' TeraScale E-Series family of switch/routers and S-Series family of access switches to build a reliable network that provides doctors with always-on access to critical patient and imaging files. The Force10 TeraScale E300 and S50 provide the reliability and scalability Auxilio Mutuo requires to connect the hospital with its emergency rooms and other remote locations across Puerto Rico to better serve its patients.


"We are currently transitioning to electronic patient records as we strive to provide more efficient services and needed to upgrade our network to fully integrate our various information and communications systems with our new digital records", stated Edgard Rodriguez, director of IT at Hospital Auxilio Mutuo. "Force10 delivered a solution that allows us to seamlessly deliver consistent and reliable performance even during our peak traffic times and is the foundation of a world-class network that ensures prompt and efficient service for our patients and doctors."

Auxilio Mutuo has deployed the Force10 TeraScale E300 in the core of its network and S50 switches throughout its hospital and emergency rooms in addition to its radiotherapy and radiology and cancer centres, allowing doctors to send and retrieve medical imaging and patient records from anywhere on the campus or its remote locations. In addition to connecting the campus, the Force10 S50 access switches also provide the foundation for the hospital's back office applications, integrating payroll, e-mail and other business-critical services into the network.

The Force10 TeraScale E300 and S50 switches deliver the reliability throughout the network that is crucial for supporting traffic fluctuations that occur as the hospital processes patients. With two daily traffic spikes, one in the morning at the hospital and the second in the emergency rooms at night, Auxilio Mutuo requires the performance predictability that the Force10 solution delivers to ensure that sensitive patient records are quickly and reliably transmitted.

Additionally, the scalability of the Force10 solution allows Auxilio Mutuo to build into its network the capacity it needs today with the ability to upgrade in the future. With the ability to upgrade to 10 Gigabit Ethernet without replacing equipment, Auxilio Mutuo has a solution that it can deploy and rely on well into the future.

Force10 partnered with NetWave Equipment Corporation to provide Auxilio Mutuo with an optimized network solution as well as local service and support. "Our growing channel of partners gives us the opportunity to expand into new markets and geographies to provide customers like Hospital Auxilio Mutuo with the reliability and scalability they require in their campus network to handle sensitive patient information", stated Jim Watts, vice president of worldwide channels and alliances at Force10 Networks. "By leveraging the flexibility of our partners worldwide, we can quickly meet the evolving needs of large campus customers, like Auxilio Mutuo while delivering the right solution for their unique environment."

The Force10 Reliable Networking product portfolio delivers the reliability, network control and scalability required to help organisations transform their networks into strategic assets. By reducing the total cost of network ownership, Auxilio Mutuo can increase service availability and patient flow to better serve the community.

For 125 years, Auxilio Mutuo Hospital has been the premier health care facility in the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan, contributing to the improvement and delivery of esteemed health services. With a mission to provide top quality health benefits to society and the community at large, Auxilio Mutuo Hospital continues to offer a complete doctor-hospital institution for the prevention, cure and rehabilitation of the sick and needy.

Force10 Networks is a pioneer in building and securing reliable, high performance networks. With its no compromise approach to networking and advances in high density Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet switching, routing and security, Force10 delivers the innovative technologies that allow customers to transform their networks into strategic assets at the lowest total cost of ownership. More company news is available in the VMW November 2007 article Spanish health insurer deploys Force10 Networks TeraScale E-Series to bring always-on application access to its data centres.

Leslie Versweyveld

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