eXludus launches SimpliGrid software for life sciences applications

Boston 29 April 2008eXludus Technologies, a developer of multi-core system capacity management, virtualization and provisioning solutions, at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo, has made exclusively available its SimpliGrid software to members of the Bioinformatics Organization Inc., an organisation that develops and maintains computational resources to facilitate worldwide communications and collaborations between people of all educational and professional levels.


SimpliGrid software is the first product that simplifies the provisioning and use of clusters and Grids for Microsoft Windows XP and Vista environments. Using a familiar "drag and drop" interface, Bio-IT researchers and scientists can easily structure Grids and distribute processing tasks across systems. By optimizing computer infrastructure, SimpliGrid software enables users to get more work done in less time.

Effective today, through May 31, a free trial release candidate version of SimpliGrid is exclusively available to the Bioinformatics.Org members on www.bioinformatics.org. Participating users will be eligible to purchase a SimpliGrid license at the promotional cost of $99,00 after the scheduled full product release on August 15.

"Researchers and scientists tend to have significant computing capacity available in their labs, but struggle with the complexities of combining these systems to create effective clusters or Grids", stated Dale Geldart, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, eXludus Technologies. "With SimpliGrid software, there is no learning curve. You simply point-and-click. In a lab environment, full computing capacity may be easily applied to processing life sciences applications. We are very pleased that the Bioinformatics Organization has decided to make this solution available to its 25.000 members", Mr. Geldart added.

"We are proud to partner with eXludus in order to make SimpliGrid software available to our user community", stated J.W. Bizzaro, President, Bioinformatics Organization. "This product enables researchers and scientists to better use computing infrastructures to obtain faster results in critically important fields of research", Mr. Bizzaro concluded.

eXludus is a developer of multi-core system capacity management, virtualization and provisioning solutions for data centre, cluster and Grid deployments. eXludus' innovative 'coreware' - software products that virtualize and manage processing cores - optimizes system productivity allowing more work to be completed in less time at lower cost. eXludus solutions are designed to complement existing infrastructure and make it simple for customers to instantly realize productivity gains without need for application modifications, lengthy deployment cycles or long learning curves. More company news can be found in the VMW March 2008 article SGI to integrate eXludus software into cluster offering.

Leslie Versweyveld

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