The Quantum Group and IBM sign research collaboration agreement for the LA Grid University Consortium

Wellington 28 May 2008The Quantum Group Inc., a provider of business process solutions, service chain management, strategic consulting and leading-edge technology innovations to the health care industry, is joining IBM's Latin American Grid (LA Grid) initiative. LA Grid is comprised of a collection of human and computing resources in North America, Latin America and Spain, working in collaboration to perform as one massive supercomputer. Quantum now joins twelve other member universities worldwide and IBM in the development of this multi-national, distributed network platform for advanced research.


The LA Grid network, the largest academic multi-national computer Grid, is already active in four universities in the United States, four in Mexico, two in Argentina, one in Puerto Rico and the Supercomputing Centers in Barcelona, Spain and San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Advanced research in Hurricane and Weather Modelling, Bio-Tech and Bio-Information has already led to a number of scientific grants and publications.

The portfolio of LA Grid stands to benefit from the unique expertise of Quantum in health care systems, strategic consulting and service chain management solutions coupled with the cutting-edge technology the company has developed.

"IBM has invested in a strategy that applies the use of technology to solve societal challenges through collaboration with university and industry partners around the world", stated Juan F. Caraballo, LA Grid Programme Director. "The LA Grid initiative is a perfect example of this strategy and how working in a globally integrated environment can make strides toward solving major societal issues such as those encountered in health care. In the process, we are also contributing to the development of the next-generation of computer scientists. We are pleased that The Quantum Group is the latest addition, and the first health care industry partner, to the LA Grid team, as access to real-life health care experience is vital to the quality of research already underway."

Noel J. Guillama, President and CEO of The Quantum Group, commented: "We anticipate that advances in health care will be greatly accelerated through this partnership. In addition, our access to privatized and secure records will provide fertile ground for advanced research in an industry seeking greater effectiveness, efficiency and innovation."

Pete Martinez, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology and Innovations Officer for The Quantum Group stated: "The health care industry is ripe for the implementation of technology-based solutions. Medical records today are dispersed across thousands of medical offices, hospitals and ancillary facilities. The ability to manage such a large volume of records will require flexible networks that can integrate data quickly and securely. LA Grid is a perfect living laboratory for research to advance the health care industry."

The Quantum Group provides business process solutions, service chain management, strategic consulting and leading edge technology innovations to the health care industry. Through its dynamic patient-centric architecture, we empower the communication that is critical for the co-ordination of care and take aim at the $600 billion inefficiency gap in the United States health care industry. The company is guided by a mission to develop efficiencies, improve the quality of patient care and achieve cost reductions for the nation's largest and fastest growing industry.

The Quantum Group has developed leading-edge technology with the creation and deployment of a series of innovative patent-pending initiatives. Through approximately 2000 health care providers and multiple insurance company relationships under management, the company is positioned to be a catalyst for change to the Florida health care industry.

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Leslie Versweyveld

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