Diversinet demonstrates breakthrough in mobile electronic patient records

Toronto 14 May 2008Launching its entry into the health care industry, Diversinet Corp., a provider of wireless data application and security infrastructure products and services, is participating in a demonstration of a breakthrough in mobile electronic patient records at the 24th annual Towards Electronic Patient Records (TEPR) Conference held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. AllOne Health Group (AHG), in conjunction with Diversinet, will demonstrate how MobiSecure Wallet and Vault products enable the new AllOne Mobile service to achieve privacy compliance while giving consumers instant access to their personal health care records - anywhere, anytime - through their mobile phones without the need for an Internet connection.


AllOne Mobile saves personal health care records (PHRs) in a secure environment provided by MobiSecure Vault, and links securely to the MobiSecure Wallet on users' mobile phones, giving them well-organized, easy-to-use, 24/7 mobile access to their medical information. With this system, users can securely manage and share their personal health records with physicians, hospitals, clinics and emergency personnel to help to improve medical outcomes.

"MobiSecure Wallet and Vault combine the bulletproof security health care providers need to meet regulatory compliance with the ease of use consumers need to put all this information at their fingertips through virtually any mobile phone on any network anywhere in the world", stated Albert Wahbe, CEO and chairman of Diversinet. "Consumers have peace of mind that their medical history, test results and medications are secure while gaining instant access to them to significantly reduce time to treatment and medical errors."

The AllOne Mobile application is downloaded wirelessly to phones and is automatically updated with the most up-to-date security and features available. With AllOne Mobile, consumers and their families are able to:

  • View and share insurance coverage information with physicians, hospitals, pharmacies and other health care providers;
  • Track prescription drugs;
  • Catalogue allergies, or fax a child's allergy records to the school nurse;
  • Send health information, including a family health history, to a physician; and
  • Access health tips to better manage chronic conditions.

"Our goal is to show how mobile phones can be used to improve the quality of medical care and convenience for consumers, and we believe this revolutionary approach will forever change the patient/consumer relationship with health care providers and payers", stated William C. Reed, president and CEO of AllOne Health Group. "Secure portability of personal health records at the time of care, the convenience and peace of mind in being able to receive fast and secure coverage confirmation - all accessed securely through a mobile device - makes this solution a groundbreaking product that will enable consumers to take control of their health care in a cost effective manner."

The AllOne Health Group launched AllOne Mobile in April 2008 to the Hospital Service Association of Northeastern Pennsylvania (HSA). HSA became the first health plan in the United States to adopt this technology. AllOne Mobile also will be used by employees of major businesses and the general public to better manage their health and well-being.

Based on Diversinet's MobiSecure Strong Authentication technology, MobiSecure Wallet and Vault give users secure and immediate access to a host of medical, financial and other personal information, as well as other critical, privileged data. These products also give health care providers, banks and other financial institutions and insurance companies a unique and easy-to-use solution they can use to provide individuals with fast, convenient, and secure access to new applications and services via mobile phone, PDA or PC browser.

AllOne Health Group Inc. (AHG) and its subsidiaries offer integrated health and wellness solutions to improve the health and well-being of individuals, businesses, organisations and the nation at large. These solutions include population health management, mobile personal health information systems, occupational health services, employee assistance programmes, on-site medical management services and integrated insurance plans and benefits administration. Established in 2002, AllOne Health Group is headquartered in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, with offices in Boston, Massachusetts; Philadelphia and Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Houston, Texas; Columbus, Ohio; Phoenix, Arizona; and Alexandria, Virginia. AllOne Health Group has more than 1000 customers throughout the United States and in 44 countries.

Diversinet Corp. is a provider of wireless authentication and access solutions that secure the personal identity, transactions and data of consumers over almost any mobile phone or handheld device. Diversinet's reliable, end-to-end MobiSecure Wallet and Vault products provide global, secure and cost-effective solutions to mobilize personal health records, financial services transactions and identity protection management.

Leslie Versweyveld

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