BioMOBIUS Research Platform allows sophisticated technology solutions for biomedical research

Dublin 26 May 2008The Technology Research for Independent Living (TRIL) Centre has officially launched the BioMOBIUS Research Platform. The BioMOBIUS Research Platform is a combination of hardware, sensors, software, services and a graphical development environment. This platform helps researchers to reduce the time spent on developing foundational technologies, allowing them to focus on their actual research. Ultimately the platform will enable therapists, clinicians and engineers to rapidly develop and deploy technology solutions for biomedical research.


A key challenge in health care research is the amount of time that is consumed by technology development. In a typical research project, a significant amount of the researcher's time may be spent creating the foundational technologies required to get to the point of collecting data. The BioMOBIUS Research Platform addresses this issue, allowing researchers to leverage previous technology development efforts and making significant savings in development time overheads. It is a reusable, user-friendly and extensible platform with modest technical requirements. The BioMOBIUS Research Platform software is based on the EyesWeb graphical development environment, created at the University of Genoa, which makes the process of application development efficient and intuitive.

The BioMOBIUS Research Platform was developed by the TRIL Centre, a groundbreaking research collaboration between Intel Corporation and a number of Irish academic partners, and jointly funded by Intel and the Industrial Development Agency (IDA) Ireland. Its goal is to explore technology to help older people to continue living independently. The platform is being used primarily by TRIL researchers to help clinicians detect and prevent or alleviate certain conditions related to ageing, such as falls and cognitive decline, and to help older people to strengthen their social connections.

The software elements of BioMOBIUS provide:

  • Rapid Development (Graphical Development Environment)
  • Biosignal Processing Applications (Real Time)
  • Mobile hardware and physiological sensor support
  • Straightforward user interfaces (GUI Designer)
  • Reduced Development Replication (Re-use of Blocks)
  • Targeting applications

The BioMOBIUS Research Platform software is being made freely available to the research community - for research use only - by the TRIL Centre. The BioMOBIUS Research Platform incorporates support for a variety of hardware via wired and wireless interfaces such as Sensing Health with Intelligence, Modularity, Mobility, and Experimental Reusability (SHIMMER). SHIMMER, developed by Intel and licensed to Realtime Technologies, is a small wireless hardware platform designed explicitly for wearable health sensing, and supporting both connected - via wireless - and disconnected - flash memory card - data capture. Realtime Technologies will further develop, manufacture and distribute SHIMMER. When combined with the BioMOBIUS Research Platform, SHIMMER provides a significant opportunity to improve both patient care and quality of life.

TRIL researchers will be showcasing the BioMOBIUS Research Platform and related research in a pre-conference workshop at the 30th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) to be held in Canada from 20-24 August 2008.

The TRIL Centre is a multi-million euro research collaboration between industry and academic partners including Intel, University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin and the National University of Ireland, Galway. The Centre has created dedicated laboratories at Intel and in each of the universities involved, and is driving bi-directional knowledge and technology transfer of research that addresses the physical, cognitive and social consequences of ageing. The TRIL Centre is one of the largest research projects of its kind in the world. It will develop innovative technologies to help people "age in place" wherever they choose to live.

The BioMOBIUS Research Platform software can be downloaded at the TRIL Centre website. The site also hosts a number of on-line support tools for the platform such as documentation, guidelines, tutorials and a discussion forum.

Leslie Versweyveld

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