MedShare licenses interRAI assessment tools

Waterloo 30 May 2008MedShare has raised the standard for clinical best practice in Home and Community care by incorporating the interRAI assessment instruments into its home and community care solutions. MedShare will incorporate the standardized assessments in their MedShare eMotion mobile platform which allows case managers and health care workers to access client information, decision support tools and document care from any location.


People with chronic illness or disability often depend on a variety of clinical and support services which normally occur across multiple care settings. By using standardized assessment tools such as interRAI, patients may transfer from community to hospital to home care with a consistent set of clinical information. The instruments, developed by a global research network, are based on a common set of assessment items that are considered to be important in all care settings.

"The ability to move best practices from research into the community improves the quality and continuity of care", stated Barry Billings, President of MedShare. "The instruments allow our clients to implement outcome-based medicine and employ evidence-based practices. As part of the license agreement, MedShare will provide anonymized health data back to interRAI to help optimize the effectiveness of health interventions."

MedShare's eMotion platform provides a familiar pen and clipboard user experience supported on laptop or, preferably, a pen-enabled tablet computer. The tablet computer can be carried into the hospital or home and works without requiring a network connection. When the health care worker connects to a data network, the client's record automatically synchronizes with the master database in MedShare Enterprise Server. MedShare's consent-based access system allows client health records to be shared amongst the care team.

In 2005, Ontario Ministry of Health identified the need to implement standardized provincial assessment and retained MedShare to develop the Common Intake Assessment Tool (CIAT) based on the interRAI Contact Assessment. The CIAT tool is used by CCAC Case Managers to provide consistent care for over 600.000 Ontarians per year. MedShare will implement the newly released Community Health Assessment using Microsoft's "smart-client" technology.

"MedShare strives to improve the delivery of health care through innovative use of information technology", according to Amy Morris, MedShare Product Manager. "Standardized assessment tools are fundamental in quality care processes that include assessment, care planning and outcome measurement." MedShare eMotion replaces paper-based charting in the home leading to improved productivity and reduced administrative burden. Home health care workers, who average 30 to 120 minutes per day documenting care in paper-based environments, can expect to save up to thirty minutes per assessment using eMotion.

MedShare is an award-winning provider of information and communication technologies to the North American health care sector with a focus on home health care, the fastest growing segment of the sector. MedShare's suite of software is built on a patent pending platform for management of electronic health records and is available on BlackBerry and tablet mobile data devices to meet the evolving clinical and administrative needs of mobile health care workers.

Leslie Versweyveld

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