New MotionStar wireless model makes full-body tracking affordable

Burlington 02 June 2008Ascension Technology Corporation has launched a significant price reduction of its long range, untethered tracker for capturing the motions of humans. MotionStar Wireless LITE is an updated, portable version of Ascension's MotionStar Wireless 2 product, which has been popularly used by animators worldwide for capturing the motions of over 500 characters for television, movies and video game productions. Researchers in ergonomics, kinesthetics, and biomechanical analysis have also used it extensively.


Pricing has been reduced by over 40 percent on all configurations. A 12-sensor Wireless model formerly costing $63.450 is now priced at just $26.000. The minimal configuration of 4 sensors is available for $20.000. LITE includes all components to immediately begin capturing motions: PC control box, sensors cabled to a small backpack electronics module for wireless transmission of data, extended range transmitter(s), and Motion Previewer software. On-site installation support is available and buyers receive unlimited free telephonic support, a one-year warranty, and a 30-day money back guarantee.

To ensure LITE accurately captures motions on animation stages and in biomechanical labs, Ascension has developed an Environmental Analyzer toolkit. It helps users find the best locations to install the system and minimize potential metal and noise interference. Before a purchase is made, the Analyzer lets qualified buyers clearly see ferrous metal in floors, walls and ceilings - vital information in finding an optimal tracking space. Its noise sensing function adjusts tracker measurement rates to minimize noise sources in its bandwidth. As a result, the extraordinary benefits of long-range magnetic tracking - real time, six degrees-of-freedom motion capture of multiple people without occlusion, drift, or mechanical linkages - are now available without worrying about hidden distorters in one's environment.

LITE comes with accessories to simplify the capture of human motions. These include full body nylon suits with embedded clips to hold sensors and tubes for cables, strap kits for individually mounting sensors on people, 3D pointing devices for interacting with virtual worlds, and direct interface to AutoDesk's popular Motion Builder software.

Based in Burlington, Vermont, USA, Ascension is a world expert in magnetic and optical products for real-time tracking and 3D measurements in biomechanics, animation, virtual reality, real-time visualization, medicine, and military applications. More information about Ascension is available at the Ascension website or in the VMW December 2007 article Ascension announces breakthrough in medical instrument navigation at RSNA 2007.

Leslie Versweyveld

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