Drugs.com launches professional health care information resource in anticipation of 3G iPhone

New York 04 June 2008Drugs.com, an on-line resource for clinical drug and related health information, has launched its professional edition for the iPhone. This new mobile edition of Drugs.com provides physicians and health care professionals with a free drug information service for easy access to medication summaries, dosing information, warnings and built-in drug interactions for all medications commonly used in the United States. With this tool, physicians and health care professionals can protect patients and increase their productivity by being able to quickly find the answers they need to make informed decisions. Unlike installed applications, the Drugs.com mobile edition offers information that is updated in real-time.


The Drugs.com iPhone edition can be accessed by any person with an iPhone who is a registered member of Drugs.com and is looking for accurate, in-depth medicine and health information, at any time and anywhere there is WiFi or network access. The launch of Drugs.com's iPhone edition is especially timely as the world anticipates the unveiling of the 3G iPhone, which will combine a best-in-class mobile browser with the fast on-line access provided by a 3G connection.

"With an estimated 100.000 deaths annually due to adverse drug events, there is an increasing demand for drug-information tools that can assist health care professionals in making more informed clinical decisions and to achieve better patient outcomes", stated Philip Thornton, CEO, Pharmacist and founder of Drugs.com. "It's a powerful resource to enhance patient care and assure that medications, their side effects, potential interactions with other drugs or foods and contra-indications with other conditions do not go unnoticed."

This comprehensive service acts as a one-stop drug reference with notable features such as predictive search capabilities, up-to-date medication summaries, dosage information, and an intuitive, fully featured interactions checker. Physicians and health care professionals can register for the mobile Drugs.com professional edition on their iPhone.

The Drugs.com website is published by the Drugsite Trust, a privately held trust operated by a dedicated team of pharmacists and medical writers. Drugs.com is the largest and most comprehensive drug information resource on the web with over 3,5 million unique visitors per month (ComScore, April 08). Providing free, independent, peer-reviewed, objective and up-to-date drug information at both consumer and professional levels, Drugs.com empowers patients and caregivers to take charge of their health and be more informed than ever before.

Leslie Versweyveld

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