GenerationOne to launch United States' first mobile collaborative care solution

Miami 08 July 2008GenerationOne Inc. is gearing up to launch the United States' first integrated collaborative care solution that utilizes mobile phones to connect patients, physicians and other care providers. By delivering interactive monitoring, real-time care alerts and useful medical information, GenerationOne gives individuals the tools they need to make informed decisions about their health and reduce emergency care.


The mobile nature of GenerationOne's solution is revolutionizing collaborative care by providing interactive feedback when it is most needed. The device offers reminders and alerts for taking medications and monitoring blood sugar levels, blood pressure and more, eliminating the guesswork of whether symptoms require a trip to the doctor's office or the emergency room. It also helps individuals properly manage chronic conditions and encourages behavioural changes necessary for making healthier lifestyle choices.

"When it comes to medical connectedness, we are still in the Dark Ages", stated Jeffrey Wolf, CEO, GenerationOne. "GenerationOne is pushing the boundaries of health care as we know it by integrating cellular phones and other mobile devices into collaborative care. The end result is that consumers, doctors and insurers all win."

For the past two years, GenerationOne has been incubating its proprietary wireless health management system that features a flexible suite of software, hardware and back-end solutions. Together with GenerationOne's proprietary mobile phone, the system enables the secure capture, transmission and reception of medical and health information. The system includes a Web-based control centre and notification, voice and data services, and is compatible with other wireless devices.

Despite skyrocketing costs of caring for chronic illnesses, patients have traditionally been expected to monitor their health and alter their behaviours with little or no ongoing support. Patients must determine when and how to seek care and many wait until their conditions require emergency intervention, further burdening an overtaxed medical infrastructure.

"GenerationOne changes that paradigm by utilizing the mobile phones and other wireless devices that have become ubiquitous in society to establish a direct link between patients and providers", stated Paul Belsky, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, GenerationOne. "The mobile solutions from GenerationOne improve medication compliance and adherence to recommended behaviours, lowering costs by reducing complications that result in hospitalizations and emergency room visits. Most importantly, they help improve the patient's quality of life."

To ensure nationwide delivery of its integrated mobile collaborative care solutions, GenerationOne recently acquired FireFly Mobile, a provider of mobile phones and services for kids and tweens. FireFly will retain its name and will continue to provide mobile phone service as a subsidiary of GenerationOne.

"FireFly's robust nationwide voice and data network allows GenerationOne to significantly expand the scope and capacity of its mobile health and wellness solutions", stated Kyle Cox, Chief Operating Officer, FireFly Mobile.

FireFly Mobile was just the most recent acquisition by GenerationOne, which was launched in 2006 by Seed-One Ventures, a seed-stage venture firm focused on forming innovative technology-based ventures. In 2007, GenerationOne acquired Hybrid-Four Ltd., a British company that developed specialized customizable software designed to enable disease management and wellness applications over wireless devices. The system facilitates personalized, two-way communications directly through a wireless device and utilizes wireless messaging, a customizable website and customer resources to create a seamless user experience.

The combination of GenerationOne's wireless health management system, FireFly's expansive voice and data network and Hybrid-Four's wireless applications provides a powerful solution to the health care system's ills, reducing disease management costs, hospitalizations, complications and emergency room visits.

GenerationOne's mobile health and wellness solutions are instrumental for insurers, employers, providers and others responsible for managing the delivery and cost of health care. Its consumer offering, which will include an emergency response feature, is ideal for patients with chronic diseases and their caregivers.

Initial service offerings will target asthma, diabetes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and congestive heart failure. GenerationOne's mobile health and wellness solution will be launched on a limited basis in the third quarter of 2008.

Based in Miami, Florida, GenerationOne leverages advanced mobile technologies and clinical decision support to deliver the United States first fully integrated solution for mobile collaborative care. The company's proprietary wireless health management system is a flexible suite of components, including GenerationOne's proprietary device, software, a web-based control centre and notification, voice and data services, that can be customized to create a variety of target-specific services to monitor a wide range of disease and wellness conditions.

Central to GenerationOne solutions is a powerful bi-directional information management system that provides timely instruction and two-way feedback. This allows providers, payers, employers and others responsible for managing the delivery and cost of health care to work with patients and consumers to integrate interactive, targeted health management tools and services into their daily routines via real-time interventions and always-on decision support resulting in more efficient health care delivery and improved patient outcomes.

Leslie Versweyveld

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