Bangkok Hospital Medical Center achieves TEMOS accreditation

Bangkok 18 August 2008Bangkok Hospital Medical Center was recently welcomed into the TEMOS - Telemedicine for the Mobile Society - network, which aims to establish a worldwide network of quality hospitals and clinics for the assistance of overseas travelers.


Thailand drew around 15 million tourists in 2007, and is one of Asia's major cities for layovers for air passengers. The Bangkok Hospital Medical Centre is currently the only Thai medical clinic with TEMOS certification, and one of only two South-East Asian medical facilities with the accreditation.

TEMOS responds to the fact that there are over 700 million overseas travelers every year, of which one in thirteen will need medical care while outside their home country. The TEMOS network of hospitals and clinics worldwide helps assure travelers that the hospital they stay in has excellent standards and facilities; informs tourists of medical facilities that are available in their destination before they depart; and includes patients home practitioners in the treatment and recovery processes.

Achieving accreditation with the group requires a quality inspection, of which the hospital is informed of the date and criteria, but not the facilities that will be examined. This is to ensure that as much as possible, a normal daily routine is observed by the team.

The accreditation process involves one or more physicians with expertise in international medicine and quality management, as well as a team of specialists and professionals in various other aspects of medicine. One of the most important criteria of the accreditation process is the ability to communicate sufficiently with overseas patients.

At Bangkok Hospital, the evaluation began with the emergency facilities, followed by the intensive care units and finally the regular wards. Operating theaters were also examined. TEMOS certification also includes guarantees of consistent utility supply such as power, gas and water, which were all assured at Bangkok Hospital Medical Centre.

Hospitals must meet rigorous hygiene standards in every area. At Bangkok Hospital the patient contact areas were examined thoroughly, along with the laundry, kitchen and outpatient facilities.

On the second evaluation day, the TEMOS team scrutinized the highly active research areas, focusing on stem cell therapy, at the hospital. Following this, the helicopter which is used to treat and transport Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome affected patients was examined, and positively included in the certification list.

Leslie Versweyveld

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