Global Med Technologies announces acquisition of eDonor, a technology platform for donor recruitment, scheduling and retention

Denver 01 August 2008Global Med Technologies Inc., an international e-Health, medical information technology company, has executed an Asset Purchase Agreement and closed a transaction with eDonor, located in Phoenix, Arizona, for US$5 million. This acquisition is expected to be accretive immediately on a fully diluted basis, net of financing costs. The transaction consists of US$3,5 million in cash and US$1,5 million in Global Med common stock. eDonor is a web-based donor relationship management system that integrates recruitment, scheduling, retention and fulfillment for national as well as local community blood centres. The acquisition is designed to complement Global Med's strong line of international blood management and laboratory information software and service solutions.


Dr. Mick Ruxin, Chairman and CEO of Global Med Technologies Inc., commented: "Global Med's vision is to provide comprehensive solutions for the blood management software industry. We realize that effective donor recruitment is strategically important to our customers. eDonor's significant market share and their innovative solutions make this acquisition a logical next step in our evolution. We feel strongly that eDonor will benefit both existing and new blood bank customers of Global Med's Wyndgate Technologies division and Global Med's recent international acquisition of Inlog SA." Dr. Ruxin continued: "With the eDonor acquisition, Global Med will now have 13 software applications specifically geared toward donor centres and hospitals."

The eDonor application has evolved to become the donor industry's premier technology platform for donor recruitment, scheduling and retention. Community blood centres view recruitment and retention of quality donor pools as a priority to meet local transfusion needs. Among eDonor's notable United States clients are the American Red Cross, Blood Systems Inc. (BSI) Blood Centers/Testing Facilities, the Institute for Transfusion Medicine, Florida's Blood Centers, Lockheed/Armed Services Blood Programme, and the Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas. Global Med's European software subsidiary, Inlog, SA, will be a key driver to introducing eDonor's effective donor relationship management system internationally.

Thomas F. Marcinek, President and COO of Global Med Technologies Inc., stated: "Acquiring a proven, profitable and well-established market leader in donor recruitment reduces the risk of product development and accelerates our time to market. With eDonor, we can now deliver a turn-key, fully integrated suite of products that eliminates the complexity and risk of integration while lowering the total cost of ownership. We have great respect for the management team of eDonor and their many accomplishments and look forward to our combined synergies. This is truly a win-win for Global Med, eDonor, our employees, our combined customer base and the industry."

The primary components of eDonor's product line unite flexible list management tools with multiple communication channels to increase donor retention and donation frequency. In addition, eDonor can automate manual recruitment and scheduling processes that improve productivity and lower costs. eDonor also supports the development and deployment of sophisticated donor loyalty programmes which further enhance a blood centre's relationship with its donors. eDonor's audited revenues for 2007 were US$3,3 million and their net profit was US$337.000.

Michael N. Pandelakis, President and CEO of eDonor, commented: "We have always admired Global Med - not only for their success in the marketplace, but also for their consistently solid reputation with their customers. While the product and services fit was obvious and the synergies readily apparent, it was the cultural fit that we believe will ensure a quick and seamless integration. We feel honoured to join this winning team and contribute our efforts to serving our joint customer base."

Global Med Technologies Inc. is an international medical software company which develops regulated and non-regulated software products and services for the health care industry. As a provider of blood and laboratory software applications and services, Global Med's products are deployed in 20 countries and serve over 1400 transfusion centres, blood banks and laboratories.

Global Med's United States division, Wyndgate Technologies, provides Vein-to-Vein tracking through its Donor Doc, SafeTrace, SafeTrace Tx and ElDorado Donor software products. Each year, Wyndgate's products and services manage more than eight million blood components, representing over 27 percent of the United States blood supply.

Global Med's European subsidiary, Inlog SA, is a provider of donor centre and transfusion management systems as well as cellular therapy software, laboratory information systems and quality assurance medical software systems internationally. Inlog's products include EdgeBlood, EdgeTrack - for both of which FDA 510(k) clearance is required prior to sales in the United States - EdgeCell, EdgeLab and SAPA.

Global Med's United States subsidiary, PeopleMed Inc., provides cost-effective customized software validation, consulting and compliance solutions to hospitals and donor centres. More company news is available in the VMW April 2007 article Global Med Technologies submits ElDorado Donor Doc to FDA and its SafeTrace Tx is chosen by Caldwell Memorial Hospital.

Leslie Versweyveld

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