Silicon Valley's new El Camino Hospital to have complete wireless coverage and full clinical mobility with InnerWireless

Richardson 05 August 2008El Camino Hospital, in Mountain View, California, will deploy Horizon, developed by InnerWireless Inc., a premier provider of converged wireless solutions, in its new 300-bed hospital to guarantee wireless connectivity and coverage for mission- and life-critical applications. El Camino Hospital so strongly believes in mobility that it chose to deploy the InnerWireless system throughout the entire facility to guarantee wireless coverage everywhere - even in the basement. Horizon converges WWAN and WLAN services including cellular/PCS, 802.11 a/b/g/n, WMTS, pagers and two-way radios. Horizon also keeps mobile staff and clinicians continuously connected to the hospital's main Hospital Information System (HIS), so they can access patient information at all times.


Located in Silicon Valley, the United States' cradle of technology innovation, El Camino Hospital plans to open in the second half of 2009. The 460.000-square-foot facility will deliver a broad range of wireless services to clinicians, staff and patients, who already experience and expect the very best technologies in their everyday lives.

"You won't find a more technology-savvy community than Silicon Valley, so it's natural for us to take mobility to the highest level with a wireless platform that can easily bring on future wireless applications to help further enhance our care, efficiency and the patients' overall experience", stated El Camino Hospital CIO Greg Walton. "We wanted to build our clinical-care strategy around mobility, and the construction of a new hospital gave us an obvious opportunity. With InnerWireless, we can saturate our new hospital with nearly any type of wireless signal, while being flexible enough to bring on the wireless applications of tomorrow."

Greg Walton previously was CIO at Carilion Clinic in Virginia, which deployed InnerWireless in three hospitals totaling 2,3 million square feet of coverage for more than 1400 corporate cell phones that are replacing about 6700 pagers.

"My previous positive experience with InnerWireless proved they take a smart approach to mobility that caregivers appreciate. You really need a comprehensive matrix for a smart, wireless hospital, and I can't believe there's a CIO out there who isn't thinking about this", Greg Walton stated. "InnerWireless will give our new facility maximum flexibility when it comes to mobility. We invested in wireless because we want peak, long-term performance from this building. Mobility is no longer a luxury, and its benefits are setting a new standard of care."

El Camino Hospital's new 300-bed, five-level facility will include an emergency department with 36 beds and a 10-bed observation unit, 16 operating/interventional treatment rooms and a conference centre. El Camino Hospital's wireless ecosystem will initially include 802.11 a/b/g and cellular connectivity, with the ability to add many other services such as wireless medical telemetry, clinical carts, laptops, tablet PCs, pagers and two-way radios.

"There's no greater compliment than having a customer expand their relationship with us, and we are proud that Greg Walton once again chose InnerWireless to support his vision for clinical care, this time at El Camino Hospital", stated Ed Cantwell, president, CEO and chairman of InnerWireless. "El Camino Hospital will become a true Converged Wireless Hospital by giving physicians, nurses and staff everywhere, everytime connectivity to their mission- and life-critical wireless applications. It's exciting for InnerWireless to be involved with the construction of another new hospital."

InnerWireless enables today's mobile workforce with the ubiquitous in-building delivery of Wireless Wide Area Network and WLAN (Wi-Fi) for voice, data, video, location and other wireless services - guaranteed. Designed expressly for mission- and life-critical wireless applications, the Horizon Converged Wireless Platform is the only solution that guarantees both wireless coverage and signal strength. Horizon also offers innovative capacity solutions, such as a next-generation WLAN design for optimizing Wi-Fi quality of service levels.

An industry-leading warranty, low TCO and energy-conserving GREEN design make Horizon ideal for the cost-conscious enterprise. In addition, InnerWireless offers the PanGo Unified Asset Visibility platform to aggregate and synthesize data from a variety of RTLS, RFID and sensor sources. Asset identity, location and status information can be integrated with enterprise applications to deliver a cost-optimized, future-oriented solution for location-enabling the extended enterprise. More company news can be found in the VMW January 2008 article University of Michigan Health System selects InnerWireless' PanGo asset tracking solution.

Leslie Versweyveld

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