Coventry Health Care selects ICW as solutions provider

Wayne 12 August 2008Coventry Health Care Inc. has selected InterComponentWare's Professional Exchange Server (PXS) and Device Connectivity Solution (DCS) as the interoperability platform and infrastructure solution for a home health telemonitoring programme. Coventry's pilot programme features the deployment of home health medical devices to congestive heart failure (CHF) patients in a defined geographic region, along with care management services and patient data exchange for the physicians.


This pro-active pilot is designed to align member, physician and health plan incentives, resulting in improved and timely access to physician care. The programme's purpose is to produce improved patient outcomes by centralizing specialized, intense case management for chronically ill patients. Studies have shown that telemonitoring of CHF patients increases the patient's quality of life and can reduce care delivery costs by avoiding unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

ICW's DCS will manage and securely distribute information to and from the medical devices in the patient's home. ICW's PXS serves as the interoperability platform for Coventry's internal and external networks. The PXS facilitates the seamless and secure exchange of information between disparate systems both inside and outside of the Coventry umbrella of health care services.

Dr. Vishu Jhaveri, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Coventry Health Care, and Executive Sponsor for the programme, noted: "We hope to develop specialized intense care management methodologies that bring proven results to patients, providers and health plans. We can't accomplish these goals without exceptional technology. ICW's ten-year experience with providing proven eHealth solutions, along with their experience with other cardiac care projects, makes them the obvious partner for Coventry's new programme."

ICW is involved with two cardiac care projects in Europe: The Partnership for the Heart, a telemedicine collaborative with two prestigious university hospitals, and AOK Plus, a health plan-driven telemedicine project for serious CHF patients in the German state of Saxony.

Jeremy Coote, CEO of InterComponentWare Inc., added: "The alignment of patient, provider and case manager is greatly improved by a truly interoperable technology platform capable of sharing data from a multitude of source systems. ICW has provided these solutions both within the United States and Europe with notable success and looks forward to working closely with Coventry as they launch this revolutionary programme."

Coventry Health Care Inc. is a diversified national managed health care company based in Bethesda, Maryland, operating health plans, insurance companies, network rental and workers' compensation services companies. Through the company's Commercial Business, Individual Consumer and Government Business, and Speciality Business divisions, it provides a range of risk and fee-based managed care products and services to a range of individuals, employer and government-funded groups, government agencies, and other insurance carriers and administrators.

InterComponentWare is an international eHealth specialist with networking solutions for creating a longitudinal view of patient information available at the point of care. Among other things, ICW develops and distributes software and hardware components for networking solutions for hospitals and resident physicians, the personal electronic health record LifeSensor, and the health care IT infrastructure of electronic health cards. ICW is a major participant in the national electronic health card initiatives underway in Germany, Austria and Bulgaria. ICW has locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the USA and Bulgaria.

More company news is available in this VMW issue's article LifeSensor PHR passes performance benchmark safely.

Leslie Versweyveld

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