AllOne Mobile to provide access to Microsoft HealthVault using mobile phones

Wilkes-Barre 22 September 2008AllOne Health will connect Microsoft HealthVault with AllOne Mobile, a secure mobile phone application that allows individuals to access important personal health information using their mobile phones. Provided by AllOne Health and secured by Diversinet Corporation, AllOne Mobile is an application that uses mobile phones to integrate data that users collect from a broad network of sources and save in their HealthVault accounts.


"AllOne Mobile ties together our fragmented health system's information exchange capabilities and promotes the health and well-being of individuals and employers for whom they work", stated William C. Reed, president and CEO of AllOne Health. "Soon, individuals will be able to securely access, record and analyse real-time data about their health using a device millions of people use every day - a mobile phone."

"Better access to health information means more informed medical decisions and potentially improved health outcomes", stated Jim Mault, M.D., director of business development for Microsoft Health Solutions Group. "AllOne Mobile will make it convenient for consumers to access personal health information by linking all our HealthVault programmes directly to a device that millions carry with them every day. This will extend the reach of HealthVault and its power to transform health care decision-making."

AllOne Mobile provides safe, consumer friendly, 24/7 access to personal health information without the need for an Internet connection. Using industry standards such as the Continuity of Care Record (CCR) and Health Level Seven, AllOne Mobile's link to HealthVault enables subscribers to share health information about themselves and family members with physicians, hospitals, urgent and emergency care facilities, and other trusted third parties.

The application's robust security is made available through a partnership with Diversinet Corporation, a provider of secure application platforms for the mobile world. This high level of security and control gives users the confidence and comfort to create, manage and enhance their health information quickly and easily, simply by pushing a few buttons on their mobile phones.

Diversinet Corporation recently has signed an exclusive worldwide license and revenue share agreement with AllOne Mobile Corporation, a subsidiary of Hospital Service Association of Northeastern Pennsylvania, to cross license certain software and to share revenues from the secure mobile access to personal health records and information.

During the five year agreement, Diversinet will receive up to $39,5 million as a minimum commitment from AllOne. In addition, Diversinet also completed a $500.000 statement of work for AllOne, bringing the combined total to $40 million. Diversinet and AllOne will continue their efforts with health plans and other customers in the mobile personal health record and information market. Under the agreement, the parties have certain termination rights. This agreement replaces the agreement with AllOne Health Group Inc. signed in August 2007.

"This agreement demonstrates AllOne's commitment to the mobile health information market", stated Albert Wahbe, CEO and Chairman of Diversinet. "By extending the term of the agreement and the minimum annual commitments, this exclusive worldwide partnership provides a solid base to aggressively pursue our business development and global sales strategy which will generate new revenues to significantly enhance shareholders value."

"We are delighted with our expanding partnership with Diversinet. We believe there is great potential for having personal health information at the consumers' fingertips", stated William Reed, President and CEO of AllOne. "Secure portability of personal health records at the time of care, the convenience and peace of mind in being able to receive fast and secure coverage confirmation - all accessed securely through a mobile device - makes this solution an innovative product that will enable consumers to take control of their health information in a cost-effective manner."

Information transfer between HealthVault and AllOne Mobile extends mobile health information services to a broader base of third parties connected with HealthVault. Coupled with AllOne Health's other programmes and services to help keep employees, health plan members and their families healthy and safe, this holistic approach to health empowers the individual and can help improve medical outcomes.

AllOne Mobile is an industry-leading, secure mobile application developed by AllOne Health to place personal health information at consumers' fingertips through their mobile phones. AllOne Mobile saves health information in a secure environment and links to users' mobile phones, giving them well-organized, easy-to-use, 24/7 mobile access - without the need for an Internet connection. In conjunction with its technology partner, Diversinet, AllOne Mobile enables health plans and large employers to provide real-time access to health information that can be securely shared with physicians, hospitals, pharmacies and other health care providers.

AllOne Health encourages individuals to take responsibility for their health and provides tools and services to employers and health plans to help support them. Results include better health, improved productivity and reduced health care costs. AllOne Health pursues an integrated and comprehensive approach to providing personal health management, secure mobile access to personal health information, extensive workplace services - including on-site health care, safety and compliance services - and health benefits. Established in 2002, AllOne Health is headquartered in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, with offices in Boston, Massachusetts; Philadelphia and Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Houston, Texas; Columbus, Ohio; Phoenix, Arizona; and Alexandria, Virginia. AllOne Health has more than 1000 customers throughout the United States and in 44 countries.

Diversinet Corporation is a provider of wireless authentication and access solutions that secure the personal identity, transactions and data of consumers over almost any mobile phone or handheld device. Diversinet's reliable, end-to-end MobiSecure Wallet and Vault products provide global, secure and cost-effective solutions to mobilize personal health records, financial services transactions and identity protection management. More company news can be found in the VMW June 2008 article Diversinet demonstrates breakthrough in mobile electronic patient records.

Leslie Versweyveld

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