Mid Rogue eHealth Services now offers electronic prescribing

Grants Pass 12 September 2008Mid Rogue eHealth Services is a regional electronic medical record vendor that now offers electronic prescribing software to Oregon physicians. Beginning January 2009, the federal government approved a 2 percent rate increase for physicians who use electronic prescribing to submit prescriptions to pharmacies. Electronically submitted prescriptions will reduce errors, improve patient safety, and reduce costs to the government for people enrolled in Medicare. The government intends to share those cost savings with providers that adopt electronic prescribing. Physicians that wish to take advantage of the enhanced revenues need to implement electronic prescribing software in their clinics.


Mid Rogue eHealth Services will launch its ePrescribing software, developed by Greenway Medical Technologies, in October 2008, through a series of events targeting local providers in Southern Oregon. Events will be held in Grants Pass, Medford, and Coos Bay.

Physicians who adopt electronic prescribing in 2009 will receive higher rate increases than those who adopt in 2010 or 2011. As an added incentive to get doctors to use electronic prescribing sooner rather than later, the increases will decline over five years and, beginning in 2012, the government plans to penalize physicians who do not adopt electronic prescriptions through reduced Medicare payments.

Greenway Medical Technologies and Mid Rogue eHealth Services have entered into a Business Alliance Partnership that allows eHealth Services to resell Greenway's software as a value-added reseller. Mid Rogue eHealth Services is organized as an Application Software Provider that allows customers to access the Greenway software on a subscription basis. Mid Rogue eHealth Services hosts the software locally and manages all the operations, maintenance, and upgrades needed to run an electronic health record system on a turn-key basis. The ePrescribing software can be accessed as a free-standing software or as an integrated model within the full electronic health record system. Customers access the system via a secure web-based connection and do not have to worry about the expense or management of the hardware or software.

Mid Rogue eHealth Services has aggregated the infrastructure, staff, and capital investment to deliver an integrated electronic medical record and practice management system. The foundation of its infrastructure is the Greenway Medical Technologies suite of products. This includes PrimeChart for electronic health record, PrimePractice for practice management, coding, billing, and scheduling, and ePrescribing.

All three software modules are integrated and eliminate the numerous data hand-offs, both verbal and hand-written, inherent to paper medical record systems. The electronic system eliminates errors and omissions that can adversely impact patient care. It also improves clinic income needed to assure that adequate health resources continue to be available and accessible by all. The three modules can be implemented as a single, integrated system or staged over time with ePrescribing and PrimePractice as free-standing modules.

Over the next three years, Mid Rogue eHealth Services plans to establish a community health network through a collaborative initiative to improve the safety, quality and efficiency of health care through the use of information technology and the secure exchange of health information. Physicians using electronic medical record systems will be able to securely share patient information in support of enhanced patient quality and treatment outcomes, reduce duplication of diagnostic testing, and eliminate redundant data gathering activities all of which will increase patient and provider convenience and efficiencies.

Mid Rogue eHealth Services is committed to promoting health information exchange through interoperability whereby users of multiple software applications can share information in a secure and confidential electronic environment. Over time, Mid Rogue eHealth Services will expand its vision to include patient portals that allow patients access to their personal health information for monitoring treatment progress, viewing diagnostic results, and communicating with their care co-ordination team.

Leslie Versweyveld

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