TeleMedik Innova Health Solutions to offer Life:WIRE's innovative mobile health management solution for patients with chronic conditions

Toronto 23 October 2008Life:WIRE Corporation, an international, mobile communications and health information solution provider, based in Toronto, Canada and Annapolis, Maryland has signed a strategic partnership with TeleMedik Innova Health Solutions, an international medical management and telephone triage company headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Through Life:WIRE's patent-pending, interactive cell phone solution for patients with care management and medication adherence needs, TeleMedik can deliver a wide variety of interactive text message reminders in any language - Spanish and English initially - that is personalized to each patient's specific health needs.


Dr. Fernandez Quintero, TeleMedik's President noted: "TeleMedik's care managers will use Life:WIRE to enhance our patient compliance strategies for those enrolled in case, disease and preventive management programmes such as Smoking Cessation, Weight Control Management, and Life Styles Coaching. We anticipate that patients will embrace Life:WIRE, providing an even higher level of engagement in our medical management programmes, and transforming their lives for the better."

Howard Rosen, MBA, CEO and Founder of Life:WIRE, explained: "Life:WIRE turns a standard cell phone into an interactive health management tool, without the need for patients to download or install software or purchase equipment. Through our two-way messaging and administrative management platform, patients, their physicians, case managers can track health conditions, treatments and activities. Our dynamic input and reporting system encourages patients to integrate good health practices into their daily lives."

Garry Carneal, JD, MA, a nationally recognized expert in the case management field and former President and CEO of URAC, noted: "The strategic partnership between the two firms will create a cutting-edge, global solution that engages patients to improve clinical and financial outcomes. The entire solution can be fully customized based upon local language and cultural norms. In addition, Life:WIRE's text messaging system creates a web-enabled tracking system with a graphical interface, which can be accessed by patients, case managers and/or other authorized persons."

"TeleMedik's approach to health management includes taking advantage of the newest technologies to create a flexible platform focusing on the needs of our clients", stated Nilda Guerrero TeleMedik's Executive Director. She added: "That's why we are so excited about Life:WIRE's ability to allow us to reach and interact with our patients and clients in a unique and innovative manner to improve clinical and medication adherence strategies."

With operations in Toronto, Canada and Annapolis, Maryland, Life:WIRE develops patient-friendly and cost-effective solutions that enable users to pro-actively manage their health conditions. Life:WIRE 's patent-pending technology turns a standard cellular phone into a health management tool. The patient-friendly solution incorporates remote management and monitoring systems that facilitate pro-active management of disease conditions and promotes wellness through virtually any mobile system in the world.

TeleMedik was founded in 1997, under the leadership of its current President and CEO Dr. Joaquin Fernandez Quintero, M.D. Headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico, TeleMedik provides multiple health care support services including nurse triage services, pharmacy programme auditing, disease management programmes, medical groups and hospital support services and participants' health education endeavours through diverse services and technologies. TeleMedik is addressing the needs of multi-cultural Spanish speaking citizens within the United States, Puerto Rico and South America.

Leslie Versweyveld

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