Nortel health care solution to support Jan Yperman Hospital, King Fahad Medical City and Sharjah Teaching Hospital

Brussels, Riyadh, Sharjah 22 October 2008Jan Yperman Hospital, one of Belgium's busiest, most capable and respected health care facilities, has enhanced quality of care while managing costs with the aid of a health care communications solution from Nortel. In addition, King Fahad Medical City, one of the largest health care providers in the Middle East, is enhancing care and managing costs for its four hospitals, 269 primary clinics and more than 650.000 patients annually with a health care solution built on a foundation of Unified Communications-ready technology from Nortel. And when the new Sharjah Teaching Hospital begins accepting patients in 2009, an advanced, clinical-grade health care communications solution from Nortel will help speed diagnosis and treatment, train future health care professionals and manage costs.


This solution, built on Nortel's Unified Communications-ready infrastructure, provides faster, more efficient diagnosis and treatment of more than 30.000 patients annually. This is facilitated by a 10G Ethernet backbone with Nortel Split Multi-Link Trunking technology that connects three locations in the region of Ieper-Poperinge, Belgium to function as a single campus with no single point-of-failure.

Jan Yperman Hospital calculates that it has increased productivity up to 99,99 percent by keeping database-related applications on-line and available even in the event of a lost connection. This includes SAP business software for all financial and accounting policy information and an application from Infohos for analytical monitoring of pharmacy policy and medication pricing analysis.

The hospital also expects to reduce maintenance costs up to 50 percent by allowing IT staff to perform network maintenance during normal working hours. Nortel's health care solution helps save Jan Yperman Hospital physicians precious seconds in administering treatment with a wireless LAN that helps locate physicians and staff using a location-based services application.

In addition, the Nortel wireless LAN allows clinical systems to transmit test results, alarms, alerts and other information directly to notebooks, PDAs and VoWLAN handsets. These and other networked devices can also be used for highly secure, "on-demand" access to vital patient information such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds and medical histories. The time saved with on-demand information and "push" alerts allows more time to deal with more patients.

"We are able to cope speedily and effectively with large numbers of patients because Nortel's network technology and services give us the performance necessary for everything from sharing and archiving of diagnostic imaging to personalized patient services", stated Francky Deleu, manager, information and communication technology, Jan Yperman Hospital. "Our staff noticed a dramatic improvement almost immediately. They can do their jobs more quickly and efficiently with more time to focus on attending to patient needs."

"Jan Yperman Hospital understands that its network is more than just technology - it's a medical instrument, every bit as important in providing cost-effective, high-quality patient care as scalpels, IV pumps and heart monitors", stated Dietmar Wendt, president, Global Services, Nortel. "We've provided them with a comprehensive solution that includes not only technology but also the services and support they need to keep their network performing at peak efficiency for maximum return on investment."

Nortel's solutions for Jan Yperman include core, backbone and desktop switches from the Nortel Ethernet Routing Switch portfolio for 10G backbone transport and 1-gigabit desktop connectivity; security switches and access points from the Nortel WLAN portfolio for nurse and clinician mobility; and Nortel's Collaborative Clinical Solution.

The King Fahad Medical City solution, deployed by Nortel and regional channel partner Baud Telecom, integrates IP telephony, enhanced call answering, contact centre and interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities with legacy voice systems to promptly connect patients with the right clinicians for responsive, personalized care.

It also provides King Fahad Medical City, known for its technical innovation and early adoption of advanced medical technology, with a foundation for future communications-enabled e-health applications and services.

"As a leader in applying technology to improve patient care and reduce costs, we constantly strive for better and more effective ways to serve our patients", stated Jumah F. Al Anazi, associate executive director, Patient Affairs, King Fahad Medical City. "Nortel has empowered us to provide each patient with even greater attention and care than before - so much so that we are widely sought for telephony consulting by Ministry of Health hospitals, clinics and patients throughout Saudi Arabia."

"More and more health care providers are recognizing the need for technology to enhance patient care and operational efficiency", stated Ramin Attari, vice president and managing director, Nortel Middle East. "King Fahad Medical City is a leader in this evolution with help from Nortel communications solutions for safe, timely and patient-centric care."

The Nortel health care solution for King Fahad Medical City includes Nortel Communication Server 1000, which provides IP and legacy telephony services for more than 5000 extensions. It also includes Nortel's Contact Center with skills-based routing and management reporting capabilities and Nortel Media Processing Server 500 with automated routing and multi-language speech capabilities for a more efficient and personalized customer experience.

The Sharjah Teaching Hospital solution, built on a foundation of Nortel Unified Communications-ready technology, will give physicians rapid access when and where they need it to critical diagnostic information from MRIs, CAT scans, ultrasounds and mammograms. It will also help administrators manage hospital and patient costs with responsive, reliable access to business and clinical information.

Deployed in concert with Nortel regional channel partner PACC - Mideast Data Systems, the health care communications solution for this 210-bed facility will provide a staff of 700 health professionals with both high bandwidth and mobile access to clinical information management systems and diagnostic quality images.

"Under the guidance of His Highness, Dr. Shaikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, the objective of the hospital is to provide world-class training facilities for the next generation of health professionals while providing excellent health care to the Sharjah community", stated Philip Robinson, chief information officer, Sharjah Teaching Hospital.

"Nortel technology will allow us to deliver high-quality patient care through faster, more efficient access to information, allowing our doctors to be more responsive to patients' clinical needs through better access to laboratory results and diagnostic images", Philip Robinson stated.

"Nortel health care solutions deliver the advanced unified communications, services and clinical applications to help hospitals deliver safe, timely and patient-centric care", stated Ramin Attari, vice president and managing director, Nortel Middle East. "Our solution plays a central role in delivering top quality medical services by empowering staff with communications-enabled clinical support in a highly-responsive and trusted environment."

In addition to being a place where patients can expect high-quality care, Sharjah Teaching Hospital will also be a major teaching resource for medical, dental and pharmacy colleges at the University of Sharjah. Located adjacent to the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, its Nortel health care communications solution will provide students with secure access to clinical notes, schedules and health information from anywhere on campus, allowing them to study and to participate in various learning experiences regardless of location.

Nortel's energy-efficient wired and wireless data networking will also help Sharjah Teaching Hospital manage costs and reduce environmental impact. Third-parties have shown that Nortel's data networking products provide up to 20 times the performance and seven times the resiliency of competitive solutions while consuming up to 40 percent less energy and costing up to 50 percent less to own and operate.

Nortel's health care communications solution for Sharjah Teaching Hospital includes Nortel Ethernet Routing Switch 8300 Series and Ethernet Routing Switch 4500 Series gear for fully redundant 10 gigabit Ethernet to the desktop for all users. It also includes Nortel Communication Server 1000 for VoIP and unified messaging, Nortel WLAN 2300 Series switching and access points for mobile voice and data capability and Nortel WLAN Handset 6140 for roaming communications between nursing staff and other health professionals.

Nortel is a recognized expert in delivering communications capabilities that make the promise of Business Made Simple a reality for the customers. Its next-generation technologies, for both service provider and enterprise networks, support multimedia and business-critical applications. Nortel's technologies are designed to help eliminate today's barriers to efficiency, speed and performance by simplifying networks and connecting people to the information they need, when they need it. Nortel does business in more than 150 countries around the world. More company news can be found in the VMW August 2005 article New Royal Ottawa Hospital to showcase power of wireless telemedicine.

Leslie Versweyveld

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