RS TechMedic BV announces launch of iPhone Telemedicine Application for heart problems

Broek op Langedijk 23 October 2008RS TechMedic BV, a Dutch based company with eight years experience in medical device development, has released their iPhone Telemedicine Application - Dyna-Vision. With this iPhone Telemedicine Application physicians can monitor vital signs of ambulant and home-care patients at any time from anywhere. This product offers a significant increase of patient comfort, fast recognition of heart problems and a reduction of hospital and health care cost.


Dyna-Vision is a small and portable device, with the dimensions of a PDA. This reliable and sophisticated device monitors up to 10 clinical parameters through non-invasive sensors attached to the skin. The measurements include 12-lead ECG, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, RR-times, Respiration, Plethysmogram, Oxygen Saturation and some derived parameters.

Dyna-Vision is equipped with an internal GPRS module which automatically transmits the recordings to the secured Dyna-Vision server. Physicians can connect to this server with a computer to analyse the recordings or to monitor real-time vital signs of the patient.

The latest add-on to the list of unique features is the iPhone Telemedicine Application. With this tool, physicians can use their iPhone to monitor the vital signs of a patient at any time, any place. It can only be used by licensed physicians after registration with RS TechMedic as a certified user. Making use of a mobile phone to monitor patients is relatively inexpensive and makes it much easier for physicians to offer telemedicine solutions to their patients.

There is no geographical limit for the technology. The patient can use Dyna-Vision to send an alert to a physician, who can then instantly check the vital signs and advice accordingly, also during travelling, working and exercising.

R.A. Brest van Kempen, CEO of RS TechMedic BV, stated: "With our easy-to-use solution we now came to the point where patients can truly rely on a physician's assistance whenever needed. With Dyna-Vision's iPhone Telemedicine Application we took away the complex logistics of other products for heart monitoring where patients have to visit telemedicine providers for hook-up and analysis. We were able to design a highly secured system with maximized data protection. We believe that our technology will assist physicians in providing the best possible care in ambulant monitoring and home-care situations."

T-mobile stated: "Dyna-Vision is by far the most advanced telemedicine solution in the market. That is why T-mobile in The Netherlands decided to partner with RS TechMedic to market this product. We see Dyna-Vision as the first real-time telemedicine solution that will have a huge impact on immediate patient care and telemedicine in total. By offering Dyna-Vision as a monthly subscription we are able to take away the initial investment for physicians and hospitals thereby making the use of telemedicine more attractive."

Dyna-Vision is now available for the European market. It is very suitable for patients suffering from heart failure, arrhythmia, pulmonary disease, apnoea and neurological problems. Dyna-Vision iPhone Telemedicine Application will be officially launched during the Medica, to be held from November 19-22 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

RS TechMedic wants to contribute to the ongoing improvement of patient care by making this remote patient monitoring available. The company aims at the international market leadership for this type of equipment within the next 3 years. A number of multinationals have shown interest in the technology and RS TechMedic is now installing its European dealer network.

Leslie Versweyveld

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