Audio Video Supply launches range of imaging products for medical applications

San Diego 13 October 2008Audio Video Supply Inc. has introduced a new line of Sony Medical Products and all their components; a new line of NED Line Scan cameras; the new GE-1050/C Industrial Digital Camera; and the new T24MSA001-MD from its new product line.


High-Definition technology is no longer just for the home theater system - Sony now produces a Medical line of products that are made specifically for the surgical suite, in both High-Definition and Standard-Definition. They offer a full line of products for the operating room that are easily integrated with other HD products, including HD surgical cameras. With monitors, cameras, and digital recorders, Sony offers quality solutions for today's High-Definition world.

The Sony LMD-2450MD is a 1920x1200 High-Definition medical monitor. For use with HD surgical cameras, the LMD-2450 is perfect for getting the most benefit in an HD operating room. This 24" widescreen monitor offers 10-bit signal processing and Sony ChromaTRU colour balance technology for ultra high performance. A VESA mount allows for easy mount on boom arms, surgical carts or at a workstation.

The Sony DVO1000MD is a medical grade DVD recorder with an integrated 80 GB hard drive that can hold up to 30 hours of video. With the DVOFAST feature, DVDs can be created in under 2 minutes, making this product one of the fastest DVD recorders available. With the integrated hard drive and the DVORECOVERY feature, this product has the ability to recover lost video due to accidental power outages, perfect for a fast-paced, life or death environment.

The HDCX300 is a High-Def compact camera, made for a variety of uses. With its small size and HD output, this camera is ideal for medical applications. It also includes remote control capabilities, for convenience indoors and outdoors. Features include progressive scan or interlace switchable modes, auto-focus, and slow shutter.

NED specializes in the manufacturing of sensing systems. Their goal is to become the world's leading manufacturer, particularly in the eye (camera) and the brain (image processor) aspects of sensing systems.

Also known as a linear array camera, Line Scan cameras consist of a single row of photo-detectors for the purpose of processing information line-by-line, such as text for imaging, surfaces for imperfections, or bar codes for sorting. A line sensing system has the ability to achieve a higher imaging speed and resolution than human visual capability. The NED line of Line Scan cameras are in use in the film, glass, food and medical industries. Various manufacturing lines utilize these cameras for dimensional measuring and position inspecting devices.

The NED SUI51 High-definition Intelligent Digital Line Scan Camera is capable of continuous imaging at high speeds. The intelligent functions of this camera include full-scale pixel correction and data output. This allows for bit irregularities and shooting parameters to be corrected in real time. The use of this camera helps detect minute defects on glass panels, films, and PCBs.

The NED NUCLi4k 3-Line Colour Line Scan Camera provides a Red, Green and Blue (RGB) parallel pixel array for colour visual output. This offers uninterrupted colour image capturing at high speed. A Camera Link compliant external interface provides for easy connection with a frame grabber board and for gain and offset set-up. Image correction is provided using an RGB line delay function.

The GE-1050/C High Performance Industrial Digital Camera can plug directly into an Ethernet network or Firewire port. The GE-1050/C comes equipped with applications for Industrial Inspections, Machine Vision, Medical Imaging, Public Security, Surveillance, Traffic Imaging, and OEM applications.

The GE-1050/C Industrial CMOS Camera uses the GigE Vision 1.0 Digital Interface and the ½" CCD progressive scan Kodak KAI-01050 Sensor. At 1024 x 1024 the GE-1050/C is able to produce High Resolution image quality. The GE-1050/C performs at up to 60 fps at full resolution and the Global Shutter provides outstanding image quality for full motion videos.

The lens type for this GigE camera is the C-mount lens with adjustable back focus. Included functions are Region of Interest readout and multiple Binning modes. The GE-1050/C Industrial camera is now available to order.

The T24MSA001-MD is Medical Grade LCD Colour Monitor with multiple analogue and digital inputs. This is a High Definition monitor with multiple resolution settings, a contrast ratio of 800:1, and a brightness of 500cd/m2.

The active screen size is 518,4 x 324,0 mm with 8 bit colour depth. The T24MSA001-MD HD Medical Monitor allows for RGB levels to be set and colour temperatures to be selected for more accurate viewing.

The Toshiba Teli T24MSA001-MD Medical LCD is TV signal compatible, and PC images can be displayed as VGA, UXGA and WUXGA. Measuring only 3,2 inches in depth, the T24MSA001-MD takes up minimal space, allowing for more room to work. The T24MSA001-MD LCD High-Definition Monitor is now available to order.

Audio Video Supply Inc. (AVS) is the North American distributor of Medical imaging, as well as, Machine Vision CCTV Security Scientific Vision Systems, and professional broadcasting and a complete line of and Industrial components. In business for over 35 years, AVS is well established and authorized to distribute a wide variety of name brand video equipment. In addition to monitors, Audio Video Supply also offers lenses, digital video recorders (DVRs), cameras, plasmas, surveillance systems, professional camcorders, and a complete line of accessories. Design help for Medical Imaging is available for international and United States customers.

Leslie Versweyveld

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