Carestream Health builds technical infrastructure for EU-funded R-Bay project

Geneva 14 October 2008Carestream Health is to provide technical infrastructure to a European Union project that aims to create an Ebay-style on-line market for radiology services. Called R-Bay, the e-TEN project will test the concept and technical components needed to create an on-line marketplace for e-radiology services. The project has eleven partners from eight European countries. Services will be tested in six field trials each consisting of a customer and a clinical provider. Four main radiology services will be tested: e-interpretation, e-processing, e-archiving and e-training.


Carestream Health is a major technical infrastructure provider to the European Union-funded R-Bay validation project, which aims to address the uneven spread of radiologists across member states. CARESTREAM Radiology and Information Management Solutions are driving the initial test platform for the project by facilitating remote reporting of images from hospitals in Denmark, Finland and Czech Republic by clinical providers in Estonia, Lithuania and The Netherlands.

The R-Bay project is paving the way for the creation of a unique internal eMarketplace for eHealth services in Europe that will act as a cross border commodity brokering and exchange place. The eMarketplace will enable the sale and purchase of remote viewing, consulting and second opinion services across organisations, regions and nations, enabling pan-European distribution of radiologist resources across trusted and secure networks.

"Carestream Health has wide experience in system integration and the interoperability issues associated with implementing national and regional solutions, such as the Scotland National RIS/PACS projects, Baltic e-Health project and Uppsala region of Sweden", stated Ulf Andersson, Marketing Director, Europe North, Carestream Health. "Our radiology solutions create a highly productive desktop and work flow environment and our IMS solutions go beyond conventional storage functions to provide efficient, intelligent management of patient data. As part of the R-Bay project, these solutions will ultimately help to better distribute radiologist resources to offer all patients in Europe the opportunity to access optimal medical care through pan-European imaging services."

To manage the project and meet the overall objectives, Carestream Health will work closely with Finnish IT provider Mawell, who are responsible for providing the central eConsultation work flow portal. A portfolio of four services will be offered under the consultation portal - eInterpretation, eProcessing, eArchiving and eTraining. To facilitate these services, CARESTREAM breakthrough thin-client architecture is being scaled to create a virtual cross border community, all within the same software framework, for efficient and secure sharing of patient clinical information.

R-Bay is utilising the latest version of KODAK CARESTREAM PACS that offers optional integrated applications such as image fusion and orthopaedic surgical templating in addition to native 3D imaging and advanced cardiac features. The built-in dynamic streaming capabilities make advanced functionality readily available to authorised users by allowing clinicians to review the first images in an exam while the rest of the study is being transmitted.

In addition, the licensing structure sets pricing for features and functionality based on the number of concurrent users. This provides increased flexibility since users can access desired tools on any remote workstation, while adding affordability since institutions pay for the number of concurrent users and not for the number of workstations where the features can be employed. More Carestream Health news is available in the VMW September 2008 article Private medical facilities in France utilise remote archiving and image sharing services from Carestream Health.

Leslie Versweyveld

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