VerdaSee creates LifePac for Humanitarian Logistics Industry

Gurnee 27 November 2008At the NetHope Global Summit in Geneva last month, VerdaSee announced they have designed a mobile tracking solution for the Humanitarian Logistics Industry. VerdaSee's scalable, mobile logistic, ad hoc MESH network, combines multi-protocol, multi-frequency and multi-functional technology that can self-adapt to any global network or carrier.


Vice Chair of NetHope, Kelvin Cantafio, stated: "VerdaSee's Humanitarian responder solution resonated with many of NetHope's 25 member organisations who participated in the Global Summit. It seems that VerdaSee's solution could immediately address the first responder and Supply tracking issues in relief environments where current technology is challenged."

The new wireless platform consists of four light weight components - Base communication station, handheld scanner, patient triage system and a complete humanitarian logistic package - fitting into a reinforced briefcase.

Communication is established and maintained within minutes of arrival on scene. As the LifePac is opened and power turned on, the system is available for full use. The First Responder is processing information within minutes of arrival at the incident. This solution allows an individual to deploy the LifePac resulting in a complete one person mobile warehouse and mobile medical response system.

The open system software allows for real-time web-based overlays of geolocation information, three-dimensional mapping, ID information technologies, sensor, data and pictures. The LifePac is capable of running for 8 hours without changing a battery. Data processing transmission costs are reduced by batch uploading data to a satellite.

VerdaSee's solution has been field tested and proven to perform in austere environments; the LifePac platform was demonstrated at Fort Detrick, Maryland to NetHope executives in August. NetHope invited VerdaSee to NetHope's member summit in Geneva, to present their solution to NetHope's NGO members specializing in emergency response.

Until now, the first 24 hours in the Humanitarian Logistics Industry has been dedicated to disaster response planning. VerdaSee's LifePac allows a fully functional team deployment within the first 48 hours, when disaster response is most critical.

The VerdaSee's LifePac is a self-healing network platform, enabling a small team of rescuers to establish a base camp warehouse operation in the geographic centre of the most austere and inaccessible terrain, maintaining orderly and accountable supply distribution until the main relief force arrives.

LifePac has a redundant database and auto-recognition of data servers, capable of seamlessly linking to the each organisational agency as they arrive on scene and continuing to process patients and logistics data as the incident response expands to include other responder agencies.

Michael Vasquez, Co-Founder and VP of Operations of VerdaSee, stated that all pertinent information from VerdaSee's database will seamlessly transfer into other organisational relieve agency applications.

Reuben Vasquez founder and CEO of VerdaSee stated: "Within the first 48 hours, the humanitarian responder addresses medical necessity, establishes a line of communication and sets up a mobile warehouse perimeter system for deliveries and disbursement..."

"Responders, arriving at a disaster within 8 hours or less and all the co-operating humanitarian agencies will have a better grasp of the real time changes at the mass casualty site. The LifePac promotes faster understanding of a dynamically changing environment, providing the basic components in building the initial roadmap for effective 'shared tasking' between relief agencies."

Mr. Vasquez stated: "In domestic first response this life saving time period is called the 'Golden Hour', in humanitarian logistics we would like to think that we could extend that golden hour to international humanitarian relieve efforts."

VerdaSee Solutions Inc. is specialized in the deployment of High Performance Tracking (HPT) total solution products for the commercial market. At the core of HPT solutions is radio frequency identification (RFID) technology that propels HPT solutions well beyond the capabilities of today's most advanced bar code applications. VerdaSee has developed a RFID-based high performance "First Responder System" for tracking products and services which accelerates triage - the processing of casualties - at major incidents, identifies and locates emergency services personnel and assets deployed at the incident site.

NetHope is a new-generation information and communications technology collaboration representing 25 leading international non-government organisations that work to solve humanitarian and conservation issues in the developing world. NetHope, which is headquartered in Washington, D.C., is made up of member agencies that work around the world in more than 180 countries.

Leslie Versweyveld

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