CompuGROUP subsidiary ISPro's telemedicine portal receives Hospital Award 2008 for 'Best Referral Concept'

Koblenz/Hattingen 05 November 2008ISPro GmbH, a subsidiary of CompuGROUP Holding AG, Koblenz, had notched up another success for its telemedicine portal. ISPro's client, the Evangelisches Krankenhaus Düsseldorf, has been honoured at the 4th Hospital Communication Congress 2008. Hattingen-based ISPro GmbH's telemedicine portal has received the Hospital Award 2008 for the "Best Referral Concept" at this Congress.


Out of approximately 200 applications from Germany, Austria and Switzerland a total of five hospitals were nominated for this award. The Evangelisches Krankenhaus Düsseldorf (EVK) was successful in beating these top-class competitors and received the award for the best referral concept. The telemedicine portal has been successfully utilised by the EVK Düsseldorf since 2006. This referral portal is a telematics platform which ensures direct communication between the hospital and office-based doctors.

"It is a free service offered by the hospital to its referring doctors. The portal provides the referrers with secure access to their patients' treatment data during their hospital treatment, and even enables them to communicate directly with the hospital-based doctors", stated Sascha Saßen, Head of Corporate Development at the EVK Düsseldorf. Now, 40 doctors as well as two rehabilitation and specialist clinics are connected to the EVK's system.

As a web-based doctors' portal, offers the linked hospitals and doctors the option of trans-sectoral collaboration. This includes appointment scheduling, surgery registrations, equipment disposition as well as communication among the doctors themselves. This ensures that doctors on both sides can monitor the course of treatment for the respective patients. Thus, duplicate examinations can be avoided and costs minimised. In the process, data protection is the top priority. Information can only be retrieved after prior approval by the patient and the hospital.

Thereby, the office-based doctors only have access to their own patients' data relating to the current course of treatment. The data is accessed via a secure Internet connection. On no account will any direct access to the Hospital Information System (HIS) be granted. The existing software in the office-based doctor's surgery is sufficient for the IT infrastructure. No expansion is necessary. The system will also smoothly integrate into the docotor's working day.

Frank Gotthardt, CompuGROUP Holding AG CEO, stated: "This new award affirms our work and once again reflects the capabilities of our software solutions for hospitals."

"The ISPro referral portal enables doctors and the hospital to work hand in hand", stated Michael Franz, Managing Director of ISPro GmbH. "ISPro allows health records to be used by the hospital and office-based doctors, as direct communication and good information result in highest-quality treatment", he emphasised.

"I am delighted that such a strong Hattinger team is part of the CompuGROUP group of companies. With our colleagues at ISPro have a magnificently positioned product which ensures an ideal safe electronic link between the involved parties", stressed Frank Gotthardt.

ISPro GmbH is a CompuGROUP Holding AG company with its headquarters in Hattingen. With the telematics suite, ISPro guarantees a direct data exchange between the hospital and office-based doctors. The referral portal is synonymous with perfect communication among various players in the health care sector. ISPro systems furthermore ensure effective work flows in the hospital due to integrated data transfer. With CORDOBA, ISPro offers a secure and efficient way of communication and co-operation for surgery networks. As an architect of modern IT in the hospital, ISPro GmbH is committed to ideal trans-sectoral patient care.

CompuGROUP is one of the major eHealth companies worldwide. Its software products, designed to support all medical and organisational activities in doctors' offices and hospitals, its information services for all parties involved in the health care system and its web-based personal health records contribute towards safer and more efficient health care. The services of CompuGROUP are based on its unique customer base of about 330.000 doctors, dentists, hospitals, associations and networks as well as other service providers. CompuGROUP is the eHealth company with the biggest coverage among eHealth service providers worldwide. The company operates in 14 European countries, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and in South Africa and currently employs around 2600 people.

Leslie Versweyveld

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