DiCOM grid selects Michael V. Wall as Chief Executive Officer

Phoenix 01 December 2008DiCOM grid Inc., a Phoenix-based health care IT company, has appointed Michael V. Wall as Chief Executive Officer. DiCOM grid offers a breakthrough solution that utilizes the Internet for efficient, reliable and secure storage, distribution and access of high fidelity medical images. DiCOM grid's seamless medical image management system and proprietary software are based on a revolutionary shared resource environment utilizing advanced networking and web-based computing, communications and archival.


DiCOM grid was founded in 2004 by two renowned neuro-radiologists affiliated with the Barrow Neurological Institute, doctors Shahram Partovi and Roger Bird. Both founders are active members of DiCOM grid's management team. Dr. Shahram Partovi serves as the company's Chief Technology Officer, and Dr. Roger Bird serves as the company's President and Chief Medical Officer.

"DiCOM grid is at the leading edge of the practical and affordable application of advanced computing technology for linking many disparate elements of the health care industry. We wanted a CEO with a strong technology and business background to lead us through a period of rapid growth", stated Dr. Roger Bird, DiCOM grid co-founder. "Mike Wall brings not only the technology and business background we were seeking, but also an unwavering passion and commitment for the importance of our solution. We are thrilled to have him take on this leadership position for DiCOM grid."

DiCOM grid's innovative solution is a seamless medical image management system that provides physicians with a single point of access to view radiology health records, irrespective of origin, at anytime, and from anywhere with a broadband internet connection. Using this advanced approach to medical image transport and storage, doctors working in multiple, unaffiliated sites can engage in collaborative medical diagnosis and treatment with significant ease and time savings compared to traditional means. This will improve the quality of patient care, while complying with stringent governmental security and privacy regulations (HIPAA). The solution also allows for cost-effective, long term archival and disaster recovery for the burgeoning volume of medical image data that is being generated yearly.

"DiCOM grid's solution represents a new generation of technology that will have a tremendous, positive impact on the entire health care system", stated Mike Wall. "This solution is at the intersection of several advanced Web 2.0 based information technology concepts such as cloud storage, Grid computing and communications, and peer-to-peer networking, enabling a powerful architecture that will drive a new generation of health care. Using DiCOM grid's solution for medical image transport and storage provides tremendous cost savings to health care providers and patients, while further enabling the pursuit of efficient collaborative medicine. I am honoured to join the team at DiCOM Grid and play a leading role in the delivery of 21st Century health care."

Previously, Mike Wall was founder and CEO of Wall Technology Advisors, consulting with small hi-tech companies with a primary focus on storage solutions. Mike Wall also served as the general manager of Intel Corporation's Storage Group based in Chandler, Arizona, and previously was general manager of Intel's Supercomputer Systems Division. Prior to joining Intel Corporation, Mike Wall was a general manager at the world's best known supercomputing company, Cray Research, and also held several marketing management positions at IBM in New York City.

Mike Wall earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and completed his Masters of Management Sciences, Averill Harriman College for Urban and Policy Sciences, at SUNY Stony Brook.

Leslie Versweyveld

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