Seventh HealthGrid Conference to be held in Berlin, Germany

Berlin 16 January 2009HealthGrid 2009 is the 7th annual conference dedicated to the transformation of biomedical research, education, and medical care through the application of Grid technologies. The seventh edition will be held from June 28th till July 1st in Berlin, Germany. The goal of this conference is to promote awareness and use of Grid technologies in the biomedical sector by bringing together stakeholders and experts from a variety of disciplines. Deadline for paper submission is February 15, 2009.


HealthGrid 2009 will bring into focus future challenges like Cloud computing, self-adaptive Grid systems, data privacy on the Grid and Grid sociology. On the application level the current efforts on Pharma Grids and Grids for Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) and epidemiological studies shall be illustrated.

The HealthGrid Association is an initiative that brings together people from a variety of disciplines to promote awareness and use of Grid technologies in the biomedical sector. The HealthGrid community emphasizes a strong relationship among the private sector, government agencies, clinicians, and researchers. These connections foster the integration of Grid practices and tools into the fields of biology, medicine, and health. While the short-term goal of HealthGrid is to increase awareness of the power of Grid technologies, the worldwide use of health Grids is the ultimate aim.

The conference programme of the seventh HealthGrid conference will include a number of high profile keynote presentations, complemented by a set of refereed papers, which will be selected through a call for papers. In addition to papers, poster and demonstration sessions will also be selected through this call.

Conference topics include:

  • A. Accessibility
    • The challenge of making Grid more accessible to biomedical users
    • Usability: "ready-to-run" Health-Grids?
  • B. Core Technologies and Data Integration
    • Grid technology versus web applications
    • Data privacy: confidentiality in distributed medical information systems - and the security challenges
    • Semantic techniques and the challenge of integrating heterogeneous biomedical data
    • Visualization in Grids
    • Next generation HealthGrids: self-adaptive systems
  • C. Applications
    • HealthGrids for genetics and epidemiological studies
    • PharmaGrids: supporting pharma research on Grids
    • Grid computing and the Virtual Physiological Human (VPH)
  • D. Socio-Economic Aspects
    • Grid business aspects: sustainability and go-to-market strategies
    • Experiences on production Grid used in real business
    • Grid sociology: how to win society for Grids?
  • E. The Future of Grids
    • Cloud computing, on-demand computing
    • New demands beyond technology?
  • F. Demonstrations
    • Demonstrators for HealthGrid at Work

HealthGrid is an initiative that gathers means and people from different backgrounds wanting to reach one goal: to reinforce and to promote awareness of the possibilities and advantages linked to the deployment of Grid technologies in the biomedical sector. The concept of HealthGrid is to develop a strong relationship with clinicians and researchers to gain feedback in integration of Grid use into health and apply them in the biomedical, medical and biological domains.

More conference information is available at the HealthGrid 2009 website.

Source: HealthGrid

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