Eurographics 2009 Medical Prize winners awarded at Eurographics 2009

Munich 06 February 2009The Eurographics Association organizes a biannual competition to acknowledge the contribution that computer graphics is playing in the medical field, and to encourage further development. The winners of the Eurographics 2009 Medical Prize sponsored by Vital Images Inc. were selected from a total of 15 submissions. The prize winners all demonstrated that a particular benefit resulted from the use of computer graphics technology in a medical application that they produced.


The First Prize went to "Virtual Hip Joint: from Computer-Graphics to Computer-Assisted Diagnosis" by C. Charbonnier, J. Schmid, F. Kolo-Christophe, N. Magnenat-Thalmann, C. Becker, and P. Hoffmeyer from the University of Geneva. The entry was awarded the first place for its innovative use of computer graphics for anatomical and patient specific modelling.

The Second Prize was awarded to "ImaGINe-S: Imaging Guided Interventional Needle Simulation" by N. John, F. Bello, F. Vidal, P. Villard, A. Bulpitt, R. Holbery, D. Gould, S. Johnson, R. Phillips, A. Sinha, and C. Hunt from Bangor University in Wales, United Kingdom. This entry received the second place for its innovative use of computer graphics in a complex system that is already far advanced towards clinical use.

There were two Third Prizes. The winners here were "GREiF - Graphical Documentation of Retinal Findings Using a standardized Digital Symbol Library" by C. Jürgens, R. Großjohann, and F. Tost from the Greifswald University in Germany. This entry came in third place for its innovative and well-structured use of interaction technique with high clinical value.

The second third place winner was "Advanced GPU Volume Rendering for Virtual Endoscopy" by A. Krüger, C. Kubisch, G. Strauß, B. Preim from the University of Magdeburg, Germany. Together with the previous entry this team was awarded for its innovative use of computer graphics to provide a high visual quality for patient information.

The prizes ceremony will take place on March 31st, 2009 in the Eurographics (EG) 2009 Award session in Munich, Germany. The four winning entries will be presented in the EG Medical Prize 2009 session on April 1st, 2009. More information is available at the Eurographics 2009 website.

Source: Eurographics Association

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