Anvita Health unveils mobile viewer for Google Health

Palm Springs 03 February 2009Anvita Health, formerly known as SafeMed, an integrated partner of Google Health has released a new mobile viewer for Google Health that is built on the Android platform. The new Anvita Mobile Viewer has been demonstrated publicly for the first time during a presentation at the Towards the Electronic Patient Record (TEPR+) conference.


"The new Mobile Viewer from Anvita is a great example of how companies can innovate using Google's open platforms", stated Sameer Samat, Director of Product Management, Google Health. "We are pleased to see one of our trusted partners use Android to help make personal health data more available to consumers. We think giving users options for how they access their health data is paramount to consumer-directed care. Anvita has created the first of many mobile health applications using Google Health."

The Anvita Mobile Viewer enables users of Google Health to view their Google Health profile data from Android-powered devices, which today only include the T-Mobile G1. This allows for on-demand and real-time view of their medical records anytime and anywhere and provides for more flexibility when visiting physicians, pharmacists, and other care providers. The Anvita Mobile Viewer is a free, downloadable application built for the Android platform.

"We see Google Health as a vital tool in allowing consumers to take a more active role in their own health care and the care of their families", stated Ahmed Ghouri, M.D., co-founder and chief medical officer of Anvita Health. "The Anvita Mobile Viewer builds a bridge between the home and the doctor's office, and allows Google Health users to realize the full worth of their Personal Health Record (PHR) data by taking it to where critical medical decisions are made."

Anvita Health is a pioneer in health care analytics. Its analytics engine powers the real-time personalized health feedback within Google Health, alerting users to important data such as potentially harmful drug interactions.

Dr. Ghouri offered the example of a person caring for his or her aging parent. "The creation and maintenance of a Google Health PHR for elderly parents, whose care regimens can be complex and rapidly changing, helps improve the quality of care by having easy and instant access to vital information at the point of care", stated Dr. Ghouri.

Users can download the Anvita Mobile Viewer for Google Health through Android Market. The Anvita Mobile Viewer for Google Health will be available on other hand sets in the future, including the iPhone.

The application can also be downloaded by visiting the download page on Anvita Health's website. After opening the Anvita Mobile Viewer application and logging in to their secure Google Health account, users can then access their most up-to-date Google Health profile information, including height, weight and age, current prescriptions, any existing health conditions, previous procedures, known allergies and more.

Founded by physicians in 2000, Anvita Health provides innovative health care analytics to its customers who, in aggregate, manage more than 50 million lives. Anvita Health's analysis engine and custom analytics solutions are used by point-of-care information technology systems, health plans, pharmacy benefit managers, disease management companies, personal health record providers, and ambulatory care providers. Anvita Health is headquartered in San Diego, California.

Source: Anvita Health

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