Sentry Data Systems announces interoperative health care Cloud computing platform

Deerfield Beach 24 February 2009Sentry Data Systems Inc. has made available the Datanex Platform to independent solution providers. The Datanex Platform is a health care focused Cloud computing platform that allows solution providers to construct rich health care business intelligence applications and securely transport data across the world's fastest and most comprehensive health care data infrastructure.


"This architecture is a fundamental game changer for both the health care and Business Intelligence industries. The Datanex Platform provides a scalable, secure, high performance platform that removes most of the technical barriers to entry for health care application developers", stated John Peebles, Sentry's CIO. He added: "I believe Sentry is uniquely positioned to be able to provide the most cost-effective interoperable technology platform to organisations that do not want to focus on infrastructure challenges."

Datanex is a high performance electronic health care infrastructure and transaction processing fabric, which collects data from hundreds of disparate systems and data sources. The Datanex Platform is host to Sentry's current suite of products and serves hundreds of locations, millions of patients, thousands of providers across thirty states and currently processes millions of health care transactions each day.

The Datanex Platform includes robust security and privacy features, which protect the movement of data and constrain permissions to the respective owners of any Protected Health Care Information. "Sentry's platform renders all other BI systems cost prohibitive and nearly obsolete. This platform provides a foundation for applications that need to consistently access, transport, and report on health care data assembled from hundreds or thousands of sources, which is the cornerstone requirement of any portable electronic medical record infrastructure", stated Travis Leonardi, President of Sentry Data Systems Inc.

The Datanex Platform removes costly infrastructure and investment by providing five critical components, allowing ISVs to focus on their products and services:

  • Datanex GRID: a high security, highly scalable, on-demand virtual server infrastructure that can host client applications and interact with the other components of the Datanex platform.
  • Datanex QDC: the Quantum Data Construct, a proprietary, ultra high performance, massively scalable distributed database with a shared-nothing architecture. Datanex QDC is built for quickly storing and retrieving Health Record Units (HRU) across multi-million populations of patients and providers involving petabytes of associated information.
  • Datanex ETL: an Extract, Transform and Load infrastructure and associated service provided by Sentry which focuses on quickly extracting health care data formats and standards, with an emphasis on grading the quality of data and alerting when certain error thresholds are breached.
  • Datanex API: the Application Programming Interface that interfaces between Datanex QDC, the Datanex GRID, and applications. The Datanex API provides rich a rich toolkit to developers who need to access and utilize health care data, while not worrying about the underlying details.
  • Datanex NET: a secure Network Transport and Interoperability layer that brokers health care transactions between Datanex Platform instances and serves as a digital highway for platform subscribers.

The platform is currently available to a select group of enterprise application developers and health care entities. A public preview will be available at the HIMSS09 health care technology convention in Chicago from April 4-8, 2009.

Sentry Data Systems offers health care business intelligence technology solutions that address a variety of business intelligence, operational, work flow, compliance, and financial challenges found within hospitals and pharmacies. These products include the hospital pharmacy management application Sentinel Revenue Cycle Manager (RCM), retail pharmacy transaction processing platform Sentrex, and the health care business intelligence application HealthBIT (Business Intelligence Technology). These products run on top of Sentry's health care Cloud computing platform, Datanex, which is available to independent software developers and other health care entities.

Headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Sentry Data Systems Inc. currently serves clients in over 30 states and its systems process millions of health care transactions per day.

Source: Sentra Data Systems

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