RightScale's new education programme promotes research and innovation through Cloud computing

Santa Barbara 03 March 2009RightScale Inc., an expert in Cloud computing management, has launched the RightScale Education Programme, a new programme that provides qualified educational institutions with the RightScale Cloud Management Platform free of charge to foster research and innovation. With RightScale's platform and services, any university or educational laboratory can now tap the enormous power of Cloud computing for a virtually infinite, cost-effective, pay-as-you-go IT infrastructure.


"RightScale had its roots in higher education, and we are strongly committed to helping advance research and innovation through Cloud computing", stated Michael Crandell, RightScale CEO. "Cloud computing can dramatically reduce the resources required to conduct research and accelerate new discoveries, at a time when innovation is critical to the health of our global economy. We believe that soon all research - from computer systems architecture to biotechnology and other scientific computing - will be powered by the cost-effective and limitless compute resources provided by Cloud computing, and we are happy to be able to promote this through RightScale's new Education Programme."

The Center for Biomedical Informatics at Harvard Medical School is using RightScale as part of their "Translational Science in the Cloud" seminar. Participants in this Harvard seminar, or "palaver", will conduct a series of biomedical discovery and translational science projects using Cloud computing technology. To accomplish these objectives, they will create, manage and use a "translational research laboratory" on the Cloud, based on emerging Cloud technology and services. Teams will use the RightScale Cloud Management Platform to manage their server deployments running on Amazon Web Services.

Peter J. Tonellato, PhD, created and is a director of the Harvard Palaver. Peter J. Tonellato stated: "We will use and test RightScale as the Cloud management platform to help us increase the efficiency of our Cloud deployments. Our goal is to increase the time we devote to biomedical discovery and translational science projects by automating our Cloud computing deployments with the RightScale Platform."

Vincent Fusaro, a post-doctorial fellow working with Dr. Tonellato, is managing the Cloud resources: "I am impressed with RightScale's commitment to education. The RightScale Platform allows us to quickly and easily launch new servers in a secure and reproducible environment. I'm particularly excited about server customization using their RightScripts, which we will explore further during our seminar."

RightScale's web-based Cloud computing management platform lets any organisation tap the enormous power of Cloud computing for scalable, cost-effective IT infrastructure on demand, while maintaining complete control and flexibility. RightScale reduces the complexity of Cloud computing, enabling organisations to deploy mission critical applications in a matter of hours, without the risk of lock-in at any level. With sophisticated "Cloud-aware" server templates, it's easy to deploy, manage and dynamically scale even complex, multi-Cloud applications on the fully-automated RightScale Platform.

RightScale's Education Programme offers educational institutions free use of RightScale's professional website or Grid Editions. RightScale is currently evaluating educational institutions for participation at the RightScale website.

RightScale is specialized in Cloud computing management. Founded in 2006, the company offers a fully automated management platform that delivers the scalable, cost-effective, on-demand power of Cloud computing, while providing complete IT control and transparency. The web-based RightScale Cloud Management Platform is available in a range of editions, from the free Developer Edition to Professional Editions. To date, thousands of deployments and over 300.000 servers have been launched on RightScale for leading companies such as Animoto, Playfish, Sling Media and TC3.

Source: RightScale

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