Heraeus Kulzer licenses acclaimed tooth library to SensAble to advance digital dental restorations

Hanau 16 March 2009SensAble Technologies Inc., a provider of haptic devices and touch-enabled modelling solutions, and Heraeus Kulzer GmbH of Hanau Germany, provider of aesthetic dental solutions, have integrated the digital tooth library of Heraeus' most popular premium denture teeth into version 2 of the SensAble Dental Lab System (SDLS). SensAble's system is an integrated CAD/CAM solution to scan, design and produce a wide variety of dental restorations that is available worldwide.


The integrated offering allows dental labs to digitally design full contour crowns and bridges that incorporate the exceptional aesthetics and natural-looking shapes of Heraeus' denture teeth - so dentists and their patients receive more naturally-shaped and perfectly fitting restorations, made with greater precision, increased efficiency and consistency. Version 2 of the SensAble Dental Lab System was previewed at Lab Day in Chicago last February and shipped prior to the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany, in March 2009.

For over 150 years Heraeus has set the standard for natural dental aesthetics and functionality by retaining the natural anatomy and morphology of each tooth. By incorporating Heraeus' "virtual teeth", SensAble's system uniquely delivers both exceptional aesthetics and streamlined design of full contour crown & bridge by starting with accurate tooth morphology.

With Heraeus' tooth library in the SensAble system, technicians of any skill level can eliminate much of the time-consuming manual wax-up, ceramic build-up and contouring required to create perfectly shaped teeth for each patient. They can begin with the digital equivalent to a Heraeus tooth and then quickly adjust the tooth size and morphology to fit the patient's mouth and bite perfectly. Once the full contour restoration is designed, the SDLS prints the over structure in resin which can be either pressed in ceramic or cast as full metal. For Press over Metal (PoM) restorations, the system automatically derives an anatomical coping in seconds. The SDLS includes documented techniques for using HeraCeram porcelain materials.

The Heraeus tooth library extends the versatility of the SensAble Dental Lab System for creating a wide variety of restorations. In addition to crown & bridge design, the SDLS is the only dental CAD/CAM system that allows labs to design flexible and metal removable partials.

"We were so impressed with the quality and flexibility of SensAble's system that we knew it was the right CAD/CAM platform from which to propel our digital initiatives", stated Chris Holden, president, North America, at Heraeus Kulzer. "Given SensAble's commitment to exceptional precision from their technology investments, we are proud to work in partnership with SensAble in providing solutions that allow dental labs to add to their bottom line while providing superior results to the dentists."

Heraeus, the precious metals and technology group headquartered in Hanau, Germany, is a global, private company with over 155 years of tradition. Its businesses include precious metals, sensors, dental and medical products, quartz glass and specialty lighting sources. With product revenues of 3 billion euro and precious metal trading revenues of 9 billion euro, as well as over 11.000 employees in more than 100 companies worldwide, Heraeus holds a major position in its global markets.

Heraeus Kulzer GmbH, a subsidiary of the precious metals and technology group Heraeus, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of dental products, with headquarter in Hanau, Germany, and subsidiaries in the United States, Europe, and Asia. As a system provider and service partner for dental offices and dental laboratories, with more than 1500 employees worldwide, the company grossed 336 million euro in sales in 2007.

The Heraeus Kulzer Dental Division provides dentists, laboratories and patients with the ultimate in aesthetic dental solutions. Heraeus Kulzer empowers dental professionals to provide patients with the most natural-looking restorations while respecting a healthy and conservative approach to clinical dentistry.

The SensAble Dental Lab System is an integrated digital solution to scan, design and fabricate common dental restorations. It is the first integrated digital solution to support the production process for removable partial frameworks, as well as full contour crown and bridge. The system's unique "3D Virtual Touch" stylus allows technicians to digitally design multiple restoration types with unmatched speed and precision - while keeping the artistry and manual dexterity they have spent years perfecting.

In the SensAble system, technicians hold a "Nintendo-Wii-like" haptic (touch-enabled) device instead of a computer mouse. They use virtual wax-up tools to literally "feel" the on-screen model as they apply, smooth and carve "digital wax". This touch-enabled approach mimics the traditional method of hand modelling dental restorations - yet adds the consistency, precision and repeatability of a digital system.

Founded in 1993, SensAble Technologies is a developer of 3D touch-enabled (force feedback) solutions and technology that allow users to not only see and hear an on-screen computer application, but to actually "feel" it. With 34 patents granted and over 7000 systems installed worldwide, SensAble Technologies' haptic technology is being used in applications ranging from designing toys and footwear, to surgical simulation and stroke rehabilitation, to dental restorations, as well as a range of research and robotic applications. The company markets its own 3D modelling solutions as well as its haptic devices and developer toolkits to medical, dental, design, and manufacturing companies; educational and research institutions; and OEMs. SensAble products are available through direct and reseller channels worldwide. More company news can be found in the VMW February 2009 article As touch-enabled medical training expands, new applications highlight realism of SensAble's haptic devices and software.

Source: SensAble

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