Pathwork Diagnostics Inc. chooses Univa UD for advanced research in the Cloud

Lisle 24 March 2009Pathwork Diagnostics Inc., a molecular diagnostics company focused on oncology, has chosen UniCloud, developed by Univa UD, a provider of software products for high performance computing (HPC) systems management and data centre environments, and the Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud service (Amazon EC2) to provide Cloud computing for research needs that require vast computing capacity at peak times.


Pathwork Diagnostics develops molecular diagnostic tests to aid oncologists diagnosing hard-to-identify cancer tumours. Their work includes analysing large libraries of gene expression profiles from tumour specimens, which requires massive amounts of computational power at certain peak times. Looking to avoid a large hardware investment, Pathwork decided to implement a Cloud computing solution and investigated several providers before choosing Amazon EC2 for pay-per-use computing. To build their HPC Cloud clusters, Pathwork selected UniCloud which extends Univa UD's UniCluster product into Cloud services like Amazon EC2.

"As a company whose research can be extremely computationally demanding and complex, Cloud computing has been a perfect solution, allowing us a significant increase in capacity at times of peak processing", stated Ljubomir Buturovic, Chief Scientist at Pathwork Diagnostics. "With UniCloud and Amazon EC2 we're getting exactly what we need. We pay for HPC power only when we use it, using a cluster management system that's easy to use." Ljubomir Buturovic added that "UniCloud minimizes both our initial and long-term investments in HPC."

UniCloud is an extension to Univa UD's UniCluster stack that provides a pay-per-use and web service model for HPC users. By leveraging proven Cloud services that allow users to pay only for capacity that they actually use, companies avoid investments in hardware purchases they don't really need. The solution is ideal for companies who perform compute-intensive work that only occurs at intervals and is often unpredictable.

"Customers are finding this flexible, on-demand approach to satisfying HPC computing needs not only greatly reduces up-front capital expense, it also gives them access to previously unattainable capacity - allowing large-scale processing that might not have been possible before", stated Gary Tyreman, vice president and general manager, HPC division at Univa UD.

"Amazon Web Services is pleased that Univa UD is leveraging Amazon EC2 into their offering", stated Steve Rabuchin, Director of Developer Relations and Business Development for Amazon Web Services. "Amazon EC2 enables users to develop and deploy applications in a highly available, elastic environment for large scale computing. UniCloud will make it even easier for organisations to extend existing policies and work flows into the Amazon Web Services Cloud only paying for capacity that they require."

Pathwork Diagnostics Inc. based in Sunnyvale, California, develops and commercializes high-value molecular diagnostics for oncology. The company's first test to market - the Pathwork Tissue of Origin Test - utilizes proprietary analytics and a companion Pathchip micro-array, which runs on the proven Affymetrix GeneChip System.

Univa UD is a provider of HPC systems management and data centre automation software. Univa UD products simplify the complex nature of deploying and operating HPC and data centre virtualization environments, saving customers time and resources while giving them confidence that their solution will perform as expected. Hundreds of market-leading companies come to Univa UD to build and operate their production infrastructures, from workgroup clusters to enterprise Grids to dynamic data centre application provisioning. With a focus on making business easier for its customers, Univa UD is advancing the vision and practice of HPC and data centre virtualization.

Source: Univa UD

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